Attention Third Party Developers

With the upcoming release of our social network script phpFox v4.3 version, we’ve seen a lot of improvements for theme developing, app developing and language pack developing. We would like to post this entry for Attention Third Party Developers.

We’ve also worked hard to improve our developer tutorials and will continue to work on those over time.

Our store is improved to showcase products and developer profiles. We have featured developers to help promote those of you that offer customizations. Developers with high ratings will be featured as seen in our developer listing. If you want to be included in the featured listings, please be sure to get your clients to review your products and your developer account as only developers with products in our V4 apps, themes, and language packs can be shown in the featured listing.

Also, be sure to update your developer profile with the info you want to include. Check the other top profiles to see how other developers are adding their info. Make sure your email is correct as it is going to be linked for your contact. You can link an email to your support desk if you prefer.

Reviews are allowed only for purchases done in the store and by clients with a paid license. Reviews on a developer’s profile, such as this one, can be made by any client with a license. All reviews must be in English though. Please encourage your clients to post in English in order to avoid deletion of the review.

We have updated our developer policy. Please be sure to read it and check it from time to time as we are working to update it as we add more features and improvements to the store. As we will no allow any callbacks to developer’s sites in the future, we’ll update the policy at that time and add tutorials for how you can use the store verification system to prevent piracy and validate client purchases.

If you’ve not updated your v3 products to v4, now is the time to do it as things are rolling along. If you’ve been thinking of developing apps, themes, languages for our phpFox script, join here and get started as our clients are eagerly awaiting more goodies for their sites!

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