phpFox 3.9.0 Released

We are pleased to announce this final release of our V3 product line with phpFox 3.9.0. This marks the end of life for our phpFox V3 product line. No further development or releases will be done in that line as we focus now on our V4 product line.

As mentioned in our previous post, this will also close out the Github for that version. Our V4 Github issue tracker will remain open for V4 issues only. Should you find issues in your V3.9 version, you are encouraged to upgrade to V4.

Install Info

Fixed Issues

  • Comments and posts repeat themselves when scrolling.
  • Feeds disappear in various ways.
  • Pages/Group privacy issues.
  • Facebook Connect publish_stream error.
  • Screen goes blank when uploading youtube videos.
  • TinyMCE loading everywhere regardless of settings.