phpFox Neutron 4.5 Beta Released

We are pleased to announce this Beta release of our phpFox Neutron 4.5 Beta.

Please note that this is Beta release and not recommended for live, established sites. If you have a development site or a newly started site, you can upgrade to that and test this release. If you have a live, well established site, again, we caution you not to upgrade to an Beta version. More details on Beta versions is found in this thread. For those upgrading their development sites, or newly established sites, you will need the full upgrade routine as well as some other steps for the upgrade.

A change log will be provided once we release a stable release.

As with other major build releases, do not upgrade with apps/themes/languages installed from third parties until you check with them for issues, even on development sites. Note that third-party developers generally don't update their products until a stable release.

Since this is a beta version, you can experience more bugs in a Beta and we ask for any bugs to be reported in our Github (linked below) from a site with no third party products or no customizations. This is to ensure you are testing with standard, default code and nothing interfering.

Fixed Issues

Implemented Feature Requests

New features and Improvements in phpFox 4.5 Beta

  • UI improvements for all pages.
  • New Apps Manage Page in Admincp
  • User can edit their status from 4.5
  • Support sponsor/un-sponsor on feed for core items.
  • Support Google Publisher Tag
  • Support Next/Previous button on photo detail page
  • Support set an existing photo as Profile picture
  • Support view fullsize attached photos
  • Support enable/disable auto save settings in Admincp

You can find more detail about those features at phpFox Documents.

Besides, we also have some improvements for developers: 

  • New Phrase System
  • New structure and some improvements for Apps Installation

See full list and more detail in our doc system.

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    Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker.

    Need support? Purchase support and submit tickets right from your account. Please note that Beta versions are not supported in our support desk.

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