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  • Get to know more about our 3rd party Developers

    Get to know more about our 3rd party Developers

    More than the core features of phpFox, we would like to introduce to you our valued 3rd party developers, their products and what they can do to make your site more engaging and stunning.3rd party developers are the ones supporting phpFox outside the box. From selling powerful apps to customization. You can find more than 200+ products of our 3rd party developers here https://store.phpfox.com/. Aside from these products, they are also providing customization for any additional features that you would likely to integrate to your site. Here are some of the top-notchYouNetCo Let's start with YouNetCo. Aside from producing the highest number of modules from apps to themes, they are also one of the best 3rd party developers based on the client reviews. Their team also recognizes by clients because of the support they provide. Some of their famous apps are Social Store, Ultimate Video, Advanced Menu Systems and many more. You can find all their products here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/younetHere are some of the client's reviewscespiritual We also have cespiritual as one of the best developers of phpFox. Their clients are very much satisfied and contented with the apps and services they provided. Some of them even installed all the modules that this developer produced. With currently 35 produced modules, their popular ones are Geo Members, Weather Widgets, Videos Block and many more. You can get all of their modules here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/cespiritualHere are some of the client's reviewFoxer phpFoxer is also one of the top-notchers when it comes to developing apps, plugins, widgets and templates. They started working in phpFox since 2012.  Currently, they have 28 modules produced. Some of their most downloadable products are Clipboard Manager, User on the profile, and Verified Members. You can check out all of their modules here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/phpfoxercomHere are what their clients saySimplify Social Network This developer is simply one of the best developers of phpFox. Even though they only have 5 modules produced at the moment, the clients recognize the power and functionalities of the apps they produced. Modern Inlite HTML Editor is one of their most popular apps because of its features. Another one is Notes in Facebook Style, you can even get it for free. Check out their complete set of modules here  https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/simplifyHere are some of the client's reactions Scheinwelt-Media Another top on the list is Scheinwelt-Media. With currently 42 modules produced, Scheinwelt-Media is also one of the top 3rd party developers in the market today. Some of their popular modules are Mail Send Button, Forum Reply Button, Simple Facebook Page, and many more. You can find all their modules here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/pureblackHere are some of the client's impressions FoxExpert.com Next on the list is FoxExpert.com. They are also one of the top 3rd party developers considering the client reviews with 57 products at the moment. Some of their high-rated apps are Online Tv,  Advanced Blogs V4, Advanced Members and a lot more.  You can find more of their modules here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/u/megaspamcontrolHere are some of their client's reactions They are just a few of them, you can browse all the 3rd party developers here https://store.phpfox.com/techie/browse. As we mentioned, our 3rd party developers are experts in customization. They can build an app from scratch. They can even enhance your existing module to make it more exciting! So don't hesitate to contact them if you need an assistance.
  • New apps and themes in January 2017

    New apps and themes in January 2017

    1. Regions / States from Foxer      Introduction: We have created this app to cover missing regions and states for all countries all over the world. Over 4 thousand regions will be added and will automatically appear if user selects any country available on registration or when searching for members on members browse page.      Codes for the names of countries, dependent territories, special areas of geographical interest, and their principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) were set according to ISO 3166-2.2. Advanced News / RSS feeds from FoxExpert.com      Introduction: Need cool plugin for showing latest news and articles? This module allow your users add any rss channels and news. Have a good options for sharing content.Also this plugin create tons of new pages with good seo. Many blocks and cool features, buy it and we will install it for free.3. Comment Button Advanced from Scheinwelt-Media      Introduction: This app adds a button to the comment form. You can now write comments without sending them on enter. If users pressing enter they will get a new line.4. Social Store from YouNetCo      Introduction: With the rise of Electronic Commerce and Social Media, there’s been a major push towards Social Commerce, where social networks are changing themselves to offer a way to earn, including a more convenient online shopping and selling experience. Our Store helps you to manage your own Social Commerce marketplace, where people come to buy and sell in a social way. We support shoppers find anything they need. We help retailers/merchants build their own Store, list their goods even they are planning to sell physical or downloadable items.      We also provide you solutions making some profit from the site, since you are supported to charge sellers a fee for opening stores as well as get commission amount on each transaction.5. User Dashboard from Foxer      Introduction: This app adds a stylish block that shows user's info on user profiles and when user is on his home page.6. Advanced Photo/Albums from FoxExpert.com      Introduction: Plugin extends the standard phpfox plugin Photo. We added more than 20 different blocks and changed design of all pages. Created 2 new pages (Photos home and photos by category). Many admin settings including 2 design of browsing albums (pinterest style and grid style)