Top Live Streaming Platform You Should Consider Using

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Researching live streaming platforms may be overwhelming, as there are many things to bear in mind while searching for the ideal option for you or your company. Here are some of the top live streaming platforms you should use. 


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In This Article:

  1. Panopto
  2. Kaltura
  3. Qumu
  4. phpFox
  5. Vimeo
  6. IBM Cloud Video


Best Live Streaming Platform You Should Try




Panopto, a video content management company founded in 2007, has over 100 people and offices in five cities worldwide. It calls itself a leader in video content management. Live streaming is not its bread and butter since this disparity quickly gets us to the crux of the matter. According to reports, some organizations utilize Panopto as a video content management system (CMS) but pay a separate provider for dependable live streaming. 


This is not an ideal approach for developing small enterprises. Video asset management is what it’s all about, after all. Implementing single sign-on looks to be somewhat technical, with help guides exceeding over 1,600 words and several processes, especially if authorization is a primary concern. If you’re looking for a streaming service that doesn’t provide live production, Panopto isn’t the best option for you.


While on-demand streaming video may be more important to your organization, Panopto lacks the capabilities to maximize your return on this investment. For example, there are no email capture or card tools. Those who want an after-event call to action or want to utilize their film to generate leads will have to develop different solutions.




Open source was a key factor in Kaltura’s success in the video industry over a decade ago, and it continues to be so today. Even while open source allows for greater personalization, the initial setup of the system necessitates more technical expertise.


If you want to personalize your player, you may do so here. It’s doable using Kaltura, but you’ll need to know how to code in CSS to do it. A few toggle buttons and color palettes are all that’s needed to personalize your Vimeo player, which is incorporated right into our platform.




On-demand and live streaming are both supported by Qumu’s CMS. In spite of its impressive capabilities, Qumu is focused solely on internal communications. When it comes to an all-in-one solution for both internal and external demands, Qumu may not be the best fit.


Qumu, for example, may necessitate the deployment of hardware on your internal network, which raises a significant barrier to entrance and implementation. This method is not only costly, but it also takes a long time to implement.


Qumu, on the other hand, doesn’t allow for white labeling, password security, custom branding, or embedding movies with domain limitations; thus, establishing an on-brand watching experience is impossible. Additionally, functionality like email capture and video CTAs are not included.




PHPFox is an open, self-hosted online community application that allows anybody to set up their own online social network.


Social networking capabilities from the most popular social networks are included in phpFox software. For developing specialized social networks or online communities, the phpFox script is the ideal option because of its extensive social features and user-friendly management area. Aside from that, the program allows customers to customize the features to meet their own needs.


From meetings to announcements to notify clients about new products/services, you may greatly increase the efficiency of your organization by implementing live streaming. Then phpFox is exactly what you’re looking for. 


One of the most useful features of the phpFox social network platform is the ability to stream live video to your members and clients, allowing you to stay in touch in real-time. You may further engage your intended audience by using phpFox live ChatPlus feature.




Vimeo Enterprise was launched in 2019 as the latest addition to our product line, providing medium and big enterprises with even greater protection and distinctive features. Our 90 million members already appreciate Vimeo for its gorgeous player and customizable embedding, but Vimeo Enterprise adds security and other capabilities that businesses need as they develop and expand.


  • Authentication using a single login
  • securing Showcase pages through live streaming
  • Analyses at the user level
  • Streaming video services
  • Dedicated support and account management for large corporations
  • Uptime guarantees and SLAs


IBM Cloud Video


All kinds of sophisticated capabilities are available in the IBM Cloud Video, previously known as Ustream, which provides live streaming and video solutions. Depending on how much time your subscribers spend watching your material, you may charge a monthly membership fee of $99 to $999 for Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels of service. Additional costs are imposed if you exceed the specified viewing time.


There may be an extra charge if your event lasts longer or is more popular than predicted. When it comes to conducting town hall meetings or promoting new products, these overages may be an unexpected and costly surprise for bigger organizations.


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