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Customer loyalty can go much beyond the purchase of a product. It’s an indication of a strong brand community, and some of the most successful businesses have it. Here are some of the examples of successful brand communities and what they have done right


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5 of the Best Brand Communities out There and What We Can Learn from Them




Thanks to their well-crafted brand image, Starbucks has been linked with the community for a long time.


For starters, when you go into a Starbucks, you’re met by Starbucks partners, not just staff. Customers who don’t just come in for a drink but also the employees of Starbucks might feel a sense of belonging to the company because of the word “baristas” that Starbucks employs to describe its employees.


With a variety of social activities, Starbucks has done an excellent job of promoting member contact and participation outside of each cafe’s boundaries. In order to help the community and its partners connect and aid individuals who are in need, they have launched a volunteer matching service.


But the crowning glory of the Starbucks brand community is the Starbucks Rewards program. Customers of Starbucks Rewards may earn Stars by making purchases, participating in games, and going to special events that award additional points.


Once they’ve earned enough Stars, they may either use them to get free stuff or save them up for a bigger prize. Customers may access their rewards on the move, thanks to the mobile app’s integration. Starbucks even offers a complimentary birthday gift to its program participants to commemorate the occasion of their special day.




When it comes to fitness wear, Gymshark is a fast-growing business that relies heavily on the strong community they’ve developed around their name. New and seasoned Gymshark customers alike may easily become involved in the community by using their Gymshark Central blog as a hub.


There is a wealth of health and fitness-related content on their site, which has made them the go-to resource for their members looking for advice on a variety of topics. Customers may easily elect to buy their items as a method to build their connection with the fitness community as a result of such ease.


Also, their squad of athletes shows that Gymshark’s outstanding value-add marketing approach is clear. Each athlete has been carefully selected to represent the brand in their own social circles and has a sizable social media following. This allows them to connect with their followers on a more personal level as a representation of the Gymshark brand.


Gymshark consumers have many options to continue connecting with the brand over time and to share their Gymshark experiences with their local networks when these social interactions are combined with significant buying decisions.


Walt Disney


One of the first companies that come to mind when considering well-known brands with a large following is undoubtedly the Disney Corporation. A century after it was created, Disney has gone above and beyond to establish itself as more than simply a media conglomerate. Because of well-known characters like Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck, their films and tales are a great way to connect with clients all over the world on an emotional level.


Whether you live in the United States, Japan, or anywhere else in the world, you share a strong passion for all things fantastic. Dapper Day and cosplay meetings are two examples of how this common interest has brought individuals together within the Disney community.


Glow Recipe


The cosmetics business may be one of the strongest community-building industries in the world today. Brand advocates are vital in today’s beauty-obsessed world, where product suggestions and evaluations are sought after frequently.


Glow Recipe’s all-natural, fruit-inspired skincare products are aimed at making skincare entertaining for its clients. There is a wealth of information on their website for potential clients, including video tutorials, testimonials, and even a questionnaire to help them decide which skincare products are best for them. A Glowipedia has also been incorporated so that clients may see precisely how to get the effect they want. A strong brand community is built by providing customers with more than face masks and cleansers.


Through this VIP club, customers can see how highly regarded they are by receiving special benefits such as early access to items and deals, as well as invitations to special events and gatherings. Because of their well-known brand, which emphasizes female strength and confidence, customers are treated to a beautiful and inspiring experience.


Charlie Hustle


Few activities have the power to unite people and foster a sense of belonging like sports. With Charlie Hustle’s brand community, they’ve taken advantage of the fact that rooting for your favorite team connects you with other die-hard fans.


Customers adore Charlie Hustle because of the sense of belonging that each t-shirt conveys. Customers may readily identify themselves as Charlie Hustle members when they wear their tees because of their vintage-made fresh look and the Kansas City logo on each piece of clothing.


The Nelson-Atkins Museum Tee, for example, provides funds for educational initiatives at one of Kansas’ most well-known attractions. The success of Charlie Hustle’s brand community may be attributed to the fact that customers can donate to a cause that is so dear to their hearts.


A Solution for Brand Community


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