phpFox 4.8.6 Official Release

phpFox 4.8.6 official release

We truly value your invaluable contributions to our ecosystem by providing us with feedback. Surely, all issue reports and suggestions have been carefully considered for each new release. As part of our commitment to regularly update phpFox with new Core features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, we are pleased to announce the official release of phpFox 4.8.6. Let’s dive in!

Bugs fixed

  • App setting page can be accessible even though it’s disabled.
  • The strange code no longer appear on the website when clicking on the “Back Button” on the browser ( When the Cache-Control header is public)
  • Allow user to upload multiple images to their profile 
  • Google signup works with Bundle JS enabled
  • Resolved layout Issues with Bootstraps and Responsive
  • Resolved issue when sharing Facebook URL
  • Fixed error appears when re-validate/upgrade apps in AdminCP > Uploaded
  • Have tags showed in notification content when users like a comment that mentioned their friends


  • Support PHP 8.0
  • Always display the sponsored feed on top of the Home Feed
  • Support Settings for the max length of Title and Description Meta
  • Support turn language package on/off
  • Optimize loading link preview when trying to share a link that doesn’t allow access from our site
  • Support send invitation to phone numbers if the site enabled registration by phone 
  • Support “Community Only” privacy permission
  • Integrate with ChatPlus to show real-time online/offline status
  • Autosuggestion for menu icons when adding icon font 
  • Able to change the privacy of feed on the Home Page

Upgrade phpFox 4.8.6


The package of phpFox 4.8.6 is available for you to download in our Client Area. To upgrade your phpFox site to version 4.8.6, you have to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions. We highly recommend you back up your site and database before proceeding with the upgrade. And, don’t forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.

If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please see our recommendations.

For the new phpFox installation, the following articles will be helpful to you:

There are more details for your information in the phpFox Release Notes and the Changelog.

Don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area for any issue. We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better, hence please feel free to share with us your ideas.

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