Discussion Topics For Online Community

discussion topics for community

Discussions play an important role in the success of any community. It enriches the content of the community, bringing more value to all the members. If the community engagement is an intense fire, then the role of the administrator is the spark. They are responsible for creating the conditions and environments for connecting members, which includes creating lots of engaging and attractive content. In this blog, we would like to share some ideas for the topics of discussion to help you increase the engagement of your online community. 


You should have prepared everything well before newcomers join your community. It’s very critical not to let your new members feel like they are left in the middle of the ocean and know nothing to do. When new users first land into your community, make sure they easily find all the information on how to use the platform. Besides, another important thing is to bridge the distance between new and current members. You can start a thread where they can share about the reason they join the community and introduce themselves. 


A core use of an online community is to inform or share the news. Keeping your members informed of the latest news will let them be in their appropriate position to make valuable contributions. It also motivates them to engage and interact with the community. 

Best practices

It’s extremely useful when you use the online community as a brand community. This is a perfect way to show your customers how to use your product to its fullest potential. And of course, your customers can share their experiences using your products, too. This topic also considered a way to help brand support their customers better.

Product feedback and review 

You can create discussion topics for your customers to review your products. This is the place where customers talk about your great things. There is not any ambassador out there better than your current customers. What they spread is what the world knows about your brand. Moreover, these discussions will help you to get more information to improve your product. 


We hope the ideas above will somehow support you to enrich the content of your online community. If you have not owned a community yet, phpFox can help. We are a leading social network platform with a big collection of features and services. Do not hesitate to contact us at our Client Area to start building your online community today

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