We Apologize For The Inconvenience

Fox apologize

We apologize for the inconvenience.

We would like to inform you what exactly happened last weekend.

What happened?

We had issues in the node that ran our phpFox systems mainly our Client Area & phpFox Store. Many session files were created and were not timely deleted by Garbage Collection and this quickly filled up the system inodes. As a result, some user actions on the system were unsuccessful since the systems cannot create a new session file.

What we did and how we will eliminate the possibility of similar issues in the future?

Firstly we traced and deleted those unused session files to free up system inodes. Then we adjusted the system and software params to increase our system’s capability. Also, we put a scheduled task to manually flush session files in case the software fails to perform this task. Lastly, we added a metric to our monitoring system to send us an alert update when similar issues are about to happen


Our experts will continue to monitor the system to make sure it is working fine. Meanwhile, we have also extended our Halloween promotion till 3rd Nov 2020 for clients who couldn’t avail the promotion due to this system issue.

Once again, please accept our most sincere apology.

Stay Safe!

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