phpFox 2020 Year In Review

phpfox year in review

Hi everyone. We hope you are enjoying your holidays with joy and happiness. We almost reach the end of the road 2020. It’s considered the most beautiful time as we can feel the spirit of Christmas and New Year full-filled in the atmosphere. Everywhere is covered with many twinkle colours and glorious decorations. These days must be an appropriate time to look back on what we’ve done, review, evaluate and to set the target for the next whole year. Let’s join phpFox 2020 Year In Review.

Phpfox release

Phpfox 4.7.10

This minor and quick release focused on fixing issues to make the Script more stable. In addition, we added the field to configure cron token below the token URL.

Phpfox 4.8.0

This was the major release of phpFox in 2020. phpFox 4.8.0 includes the latest PHP and MySQL compatibility & Performance revision. Besides, we also made the enhancement for the scalability. We have done a review of the software architecture and implemented needful features that support scaling much easier and more effectively. Meanwhile, we improved some core features and apps to make it easier using phpFox. 

phpFox 4.8.1

phpFox 4.8.1 came with some new features & improvements. For AdminCP, this version supports the Search Filter in the Inactive and Cancelled Member pages. It also allowed the admin to ban the users by their email. Besides, all user’s data is cleared when the user’s account is deleted. phpFox 4.8.1 supports new uploaded file type: JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP

phpfox 4.8.2

With this version, phpFox is upgraded to support account registration with phone number. This update also supports for next-gen image formats like JPEF 2000, JPEG XR and WebP. With this version, users can turn back to the recent feed items from the previous page.

phpFox mobile app

Mobile app 1.6

We began this decade with our all-new phpFox Mobile App 1.6. This version came with Map View on Events & Marketplace for users to easily find and navigate different events and listings as per their preferred location. Besides, we made the comments more interactive with GIFs, Emojis, Stickers and Photos. Mobile App 1.6 also allows iOS users to log in with their Apple IDs. And, one more main feature in this version is the extension of media share from Gallery which help users directly share their moment from the Photo gallery in their mobiles. 

Mobile app 1.7

We made this version allow the community’s users to purchase more activity points, which make it easier & intuitive for users to convert actual money into the virtual currency. From this version, Offline Mode was activated for users with no internet connection to interact on their feed. The last new feature in this version is the ability to Mention Pages or Groups. 

Mobile app 1.7.1

Mobile app 1.7.1 has been added new APIs to support customizing the items on the bottom bar. Location Service is integrated into the App to locate users position. With this version, users can see the number of friends on the Friends menu. Moreover, they are now able to upload Live Photos on the iOS app.

Mobile app 1.7.2

We improved the App to standardise the date and time format according to AdminCP setup. This new version accepts Upload file type JPEG 2000, JPEG XR and WebP; and supports keyboard autosuggestion. 


This is one of the most significant releases this year. ChatPlus is the next generation of IM from phpFox. This solution enables an unlimited communication hub for your online community. It includes Voice & Video Call, Group Chat and All-new Messaging with Emoji, GIF, Emoticon, Mentions and different type of Attachments. Since the release, we’ve received much good feedback from our customers. We really appreciate that.

New phpFox community

Our team has been working really hard on this major release. The community comes with an all-new design to bring you the new look and feel. More colours and icons were added to make it easier to track and follow different categories.

Besides the appearance, we also made some improvements for the layout. The categories which appear by default on the newsfeed is replaced by the latest discussion; therefore, it is much more convenient for our clients to get new updates or information.


That is all for 2020. We hope our customers feel satisfied with our improvements and our releases this year. We always keep trying our best to make phpFox better.

Last but not least, we wish you a happy new year! May the upcoming year bring you holy blessings and peace! We all together look forward to a brighter year to come.

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