Overseeing ‘Functional’ Strategy For Your Social Network

Once you’ve had your Niche Idea for your Niche Social Network site, that comes to finally start your own social network, you should fully aware that the hardest part is not how to make the network available, but how to make people stay and use your network. Definitely, creating a social network is not something you can do in a day, and so oversee functional strategy for your social network is a must to prevent failure and get your network out to the world.

In this blog, we will discuss how to build up a solid functional strategy for your Social Network.


Social network strategy

Develop Functional Strategy Based On Core Values Of Your Social Network

First thing first, you have to decide what your unique value proposition is for your users.

How are you going to entice someone to leave the social networking they already use on a daily basis and decide to instead spend time on your network?

The answer is that not all social networks boil down to the same recipe for success. Different users will have different demands and requirements on a network. As long as the features and functionalities of your network satisfy, or at least are appropriate to users’ preferences, they will stay and enjoy your network.

Research indicates that every successful network has only about 20% of functional features identical to existed networks, the impact which makes people keep on coming to a network is from 80% of its unique functional features. Therefore, you should focus on developing specific features which directly identify your site purpose. For instance, LinkedIn takes ‘connection’ into account as the primary functional trait of the network instead of ‘friend’ just like on Facebook. This is because LinkedIn is different from other networks as it’s specifically designed for business and professionals, making it one of the more important platforms to use for those in B2B.

Build Functional Tools To Directly Serve Users’ Intentions

The next thing to consider is to understand users’ behaviors on your network.

In other words, the way users utilize the provided tools will determine the direction you should develop your network.

Providing users with what they are looking for gives you chances to connect with fans, customers, and prospective customers on a more personal, human level.

These unique functional tools don’t need to be complex. It just needs to be straightforward, useful and most importantly, it should work well.

For instance, Instagram is dedicated mainly to photos while Facebook is inclined towards recent updates. Facebook encourages users to share daily elements, whereas Twitter is more about sharing serious issues such as news and updates. While Instagram uses photo collections as the way to connect people, Twitter triumphs the relations using hashtags.


Going through this brainstorm you can definitely have your idea about your Social Network – the strong start to build, maintain and monetize your own community. Don’t worry about how strong or weak of your idea or how to make it happen, you can contact us at – number one Social Network Platform! Our experts and partners are happy to assist you from the day one toward your successful community

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