New Apps and Themes in October 2018

We all know you are busy with all the works and plans as only two months away to say Goodbye to 2018.

However, November still comes upon us with a festive spirit. Are you ready for the Holiday season?

Let’s stock up and be prepared for the coming pleasure time, but don’t forget to take a look at what’s new in phpFox Store with New Apps and Themes in October 2018.

1. Content Visitors by cespiritual

This simple app displays a block to show the last visitors of 8 popular modules of your Social Network: Blog, Music, Listing, Photo, Video, Event, Quiz, Poll. It will also show the time of each visit.
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2. Donate/Fundraising App Visitors by FoxExpert

Got a business idea? Great! Now, thinking about its funding. With a huge number of user-friendly features and customizations, this app is everything your users could want from Crowdfunding and Donations on your social network. Also, this plugin very suitably if you just want to add a donation for your website, describe your needed and put it as Site campaign.
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3. Easy Slider Block by Foxer

The app offers an easy-to-use slider that can be set up from AdminCP using drag-n-drop. Block displays on Member’s Home Page by default.
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4. Rewrite Rules by FoxExpert

URL of your internal pages is very important to users interface and more important for search engines, so you need carefully manage each URL, which explains the best section where the user in.

FoxExpert offers this app for these requirements, so you may use it along with FoxExpert’s Advanced apps or Core apps. Spent 2 minutes and have better URLs for all your modules.
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5. Wasabi CDN by Scheinwelt-Media

With this app, your site is able to store and retrieve content through wasabi CDN. Wasabi uses Amazon S3 technology but is much cheaper and faster than Amazon. Give your user only the best experience using your Social network by providing fast page display and huge storage plans. You can even monetize that storage.

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6. Subscriptions Comparement by Foxer

Subscriptions Comparement is accessible for any phpFox license type and allows you to earn money from your users by offering them subscription packages compared with your specific features.

With Subscriptions Comparement you will get a better option of presenting your packages in an advanced way.
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7. Message by phpFox

Sending and receiving messages among users are MUST-HAVE activities in any Social Network. And surely Message app will quench the thirst of phpFox users for a modern and full-featured Messaging app.

By analyzing user experience and applying to app layout design, users now can send, receive, view, compose and reply messages in the most convenient way with Message app.

Additionally, many user-oriented features such as Custom List and Conversation Management definitely will level up the user experience and speed up messaging tasks for users.
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8. Activity Point by phpFox

Activity Point is one of the gamification tools on your social network to encourage members to have more interaction in the community. With this app, you reward members by giving “virtual points” for each of their activities.

Activity Point app also enables developers to take advantage on pointing system and use it to develop many features which related to Activity Point.
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9. Maxfoxer Template by suresh choudhary


MaxFoxer comes packed with all module design and the best features for you to customize it the way to need. The theme is high-quality with a unique style and clean code. Using modern designs and subtle animation effects, animation banner. Additionally, the template opts to a fully responsive design with the color theme, layouts, images, buttons, and menus were completely re-designed.

The template is designed for people to share their music, profile, pages, groups, menus, members page, and video.
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10. Coyonet Template by Scheinwelt-Media

Coyonet template is for everyone who wants a modern and simple theme with a side menu that looks just different than all the others. Try something new and show your users that the Social Network is just starting a new trend.
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11. ThemeX Template by Codemake Software

ThemeX gives you the best sense of everything you want to accomplish. It is a banging phpFox template for social network sites. ThemeX uses all the latest web trends and technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap for a stable and responsive experience.

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That’s all for now.


If you want to learn more about the functions and features of these new products, you can contact directly to our third-party vendors for inquiries.

Or you can let us know your thoughts on these products by writing to

Also, in case you want to customize these apps to your own needs, you can ask our Experts to assist you on your tasks.


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