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phpFox 4.5.3
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Hey, fellas! We have good news for you! Our latest version of phpFox is coming out pretty soon before this month end. We are excited to announce the latest feature improvements in this upcoming version. While you are waiting for the release of phpFox 4.6.0, let us give you this latest version release of phpFox 4.5.3.  This version will have some new features, improvements, and some changes compared to the current version 4.5.2.

The list below includes New Features, Changes and Improvements
  • Add new setting “Secure with SSL or TLS” to configure mail server
  • The ability of the site admins to add themselves to be page/group’s admins
  • Add some improvements on Photo app as following:
    • Change title/description of setting “Display Profile Photo within Gallery” into “Display User Profile Photos within Gallery” and apply this setting to profile photos only
    • Add new setting “Display User Cover Photos within Gallery”
    • Click on user cover photo/profile photo to go to photo detail page
  • Breadcrumbs now only show the first and the last level, the rest will be shown if clicking into “…” between them
  • Allow user to expand or collapse a category to show hide all its sub-categories at Front End
    • Exception for Pages and Groups App. The feature will be implemented in the standalone apps of Pages and Group after the release of 4.5.3.
  • Allow admin to configure which pagination will be applied to the listing page of each app. There are 3 options to select:  load more, next prev buttons, pagination with page number
  • Add the “Error 500” page
  • Support new log system as following:
    • cron log
    • error on screen in debug mode (development mode)
    • debug level
    • link to download log file
Now the following are some of the most important updates in phpFox 4.5.3
  • Put all mail processes into message queue
  • Support flag photos for languages
  • Add the new page for admin to approve all pending comments at AdminCP –> Comment app
  • Clean up all special characters in all URL of site
  • New settings for Event app to allow admin to select the default value for sorting all events by time.
  • Hide the button to create new item (photo, music, event, friend list, etc) to users who do not have permission to perform this action at Front End
  • The user will be redirected to a photo detail page when clicking the cover photo.
  • Allow users to check-in while sharing photo or video on feed (this feature will be applied to newest version of Videos and Photos)
  • Allow admin to configure which block will be hidden on responsive size as well as the number of items will be shown on it
  • Admins now have the ability to edit information of admin at AdminCP
  • Support CKEditor on custom pages at AdminCP
Highlights of phpFox 4.5.3
  • Add one more step while upgrading/installing platform to check and list out all apps on Store which compatible with this version of the platform and also are valid with the license of the site. Admin can check to select which apps will be installed/upgraded during the upgrading / installing platform. These apps will be disabled while processing and then be enabled again after finish
  • Admin will be redirected to app detail page at AdminCP if click on the “Upgrade now” link on Manage Apps at AdminCP

You can find a complete list of updates for phpFox 4.5.3 on this page.  We also fixed some of the issues you submitted in our GitHub. If you have any feature request, you can also submit it here. Just keep an eye on our blog post for the announcement of the official release of phpFox 4.5.3.  And don’t forget to visit our website for any news and updates.

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