phpFox 4.5.1 is ready now!

We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox 4.5.1 is ready now. As you may know, we have received many valuable feedbacks about issues and suggestions on phpFox Community and GitHub from our major release 4.5.0. How thankful we feel for your support! That is why our team is determined to have this minor release so quickly. Moreover, apart from a bunch of bug fixes, we don’t forget to include in this version many significant enhancements that you must have been interested in.

Here are highlighted notes for this release:

Fixed Issues

We have already fixed all major bugs from 4.5.0. You can get the full list here.


A lot of improvements have been also implemented in this version:

  • Standardize the core apps’ names
  • Change layout of comment
  • Allow uploading muti-photos while creating new feed
  • Have an option for admin to decide whether to include a custom field in search or not
  • All core apps are now working in the same rule while integrating with Page and Group
  • Allow admin to select which criterion will be used for sorting feed by top stories: sort by total likes, total comments or both
  • Have an option for admin to choose whether to remove database while uninstalling app or not
  • And much more

Please visit our doc to view all.

Installation Info

Please note that if you have phpFox v4.5.0 or lower installed, you do need to run the full upgrade routine.

Development Updates

If you are developers and you have a concern about our changes in the Core script on this version. Please visit here to get more detail information.

Change log

Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker.

Need support? Purchase support and submit tickets right from your account.

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