Core Video App v4.5.3 Release

After receiving many feedbacks from you about our new Core Video App which can be found at, we are now pleased to announce the release of Core Video App v4.5.3 is ready. In this version, we’ve fixed some major issues as follows:

  • If you share a video which porting from old Video app to this new one, system display message “The sharing content isn’t available now.”
  • An error occurred in the phrase of new Video app
  • Video menu is not active when accessing all pages of Video app
  • System displays a wrong error message
  • Does not convert all old videos completely
  • Could not upload large video via FFMPEG

Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker.

Need support? Don’t hesitate to submit tickets right from your account to reach out. We will reply to you very soon then.

We hope that you feel interested and joyful in this release. Stay tuned as we will get back with more updates soon.