phpFox Name and V3 Info


We’ve got some news to share. First, in regards to our legacy V3 product. As we had mentioned in previous posts, our V3 product line has reached “end of life” status. We’ll be releasing one final version with some bugs fixed and retiring the V3 Github as we shift to our V4 product. V3 has served us well over the years and will continue to function for those currently using it and the licenses will still work to install it for those that decide to use a legacy, unsupported version. No further improvements or fixes will be made after the final release. You’ll still be able to post questions in our community legacy section if you need assistance.

We needed to make this decision in order to focus on the future of our product. We do encourage clients to upgrade to V4 as improvements, security fixes (should there be any needed) and support will focus on that version going forward. We encourage third-party developers to focus on making apps with the newer coding (though we do have a way to port V3 old style modules to V4) as the newer coding is lighter and more efficient than older methods. We are shifting focus to provide documents for third-party developers once V4.3 releases next week.

Things fixed for our final V3 release are:

  • (working on a solution)

A release date is to be determined as we are working on checking the last few issues posted and testing with a few large client sites that offered to help. Once this version releases, our coding for the V3 product will cease.

phpFox name changed back to phpFox! Yes, we are changing our name back to phpFox. In the tradition of Feng Shui , to have a positive energy with our product line, we are changing from the downward motion of PHPfox to the upward motion of phpFox. We feel that with this change, we can bring more positive energy and harmony to our company and project this towards our clients in an effort to promote a more positive and success-oriented atmosphere. Our new logo and staff avatars will also move us forward with positive energy and harmony.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C.S. Lewis