Fox Insider News: phpFox 4.3 Sneak Peek

Phil FoxPsst! Your buddy Phil Fox has some news to share. I’ve got the scoop on phpFox 4.3 Sneak Peek!

I had to get crafty to get this info. While all of the developers were madly clicking their keyboards, I got into the boss’s office and was able to get some info directly from the Chief, the Yoda, the Grand Wizard of phpFox himself – Ray! All I had to do was bring a plate of bacon and a pitcher of coffee and he sang like a canary. (mmmm canary…)

What’s on board for V4.3? I didn’t get photos this time around so there are no images to go with these.

  • Improve user verification to make it more secure such as with SMS (Twilio, Nexmo, etc.), Google Authenticator for example.
  • Clear up configuration(s)
  • Pages improvement to Integrate with other core modules (blog, music, video)
  • Improve Database Layer
  • Separate file system, support popular file storage such as AWS S3
  • CDN services ex: phpFox CDN, MaxCDN, KeyCDN
  • Improve the way the feed loads in order to improve page loading performance
  • Improve layouts for event, poll, quiz, marketplace, music (Listing page & detail page)
  • Improve Photo module
  • Improve Theme
  • Fix issues in GitHub and _p: missing phrases, fix duplicated phrases bug.

That all sounds great! They anticipate releasing this during the first few weeks of March. Excited to get this? No problem! Current clients will have access. No license? Get one here!


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