Fox Insider News: phpFox Neutron 4.2 Update

Phil FoxPsst! Phil Fox here (snuck into Donna’s account). Got some news for ya! I’ve been snooping around the phpFox HQ and boy have I seen some great stuff! It’s about phpFox Neutron 4.2 Update.

One of the developers left the schedule screen open and I saw that Neutron 4.2 is scheduled to release on January 18, 2016. The notes said they’re currently testing and improving things so the schedule could change by a few days.

Then, I snuck into the development lab where they normally keep the developers working late into the night. Luckily, they had all gone out for bacon so I snooped and saw…AWESOMENESS!

IM chat is almost ready and is testing now! OMG I can’t wait for chat. I love to chat!

Video – wow video. I got to upload some videos, of myself of course, and they were just amazing if I do say so myself. I also loaded a bunch of YouTube, Vimeo and other videos just so they wouldn’t suspect me and lock me out of the building. I’m one sly fox 😉

Oh the theme! Wow! I didn’t bring my cell to grab photos but you’ll just have to trust me, it’s awesome!

They show something about an updated Apps system  which the phpFox developers appeared to be drooling over (guess that’s how techie folks are).  It’s apparently supposed to make it better for third party developers to make Apps and even Modules. You know what that means! More cool stuff to get for our phpFox sites. 🙂

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