Engage your phpFox Social Community with useful Add-ons

Below are some great add-ons to engage your phpFox Social Community.

International Social Network

If you run a social website with international members a good and quick solution is to have an auto-translate on your social network. You could install this great (and FREE) Bing Translation. If you have a great amount of members from a specific country, it’s always best to get a Language Package for said country.

Buffer Share Button on Social Items

You might have a Twitter, Facebook and/or Google+ share button on your items – which is great for user activity. However, you might want to consider getting this great and cheap add-on Buffer Share Button for a mere $5!

Info from ScriptTech about this Buffer Share Plugin:

If you are concerned with the possibility of your site getting banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc due to their spam policies and the fact that URLs are not shortened with the standard share buttons, then Buffer is what you need.

Buffer offers the ability for members to click to share content from throughout your site and store it in their Buffer. Then they can set it to post whenever they want, including posting immediately. With this, they won’t bombard their followers/friends with post after post but can instead spread it out. Webmasters can use this tool to automatically share their sales, blogs, whatever content they want and set it to post any time, any day they want – a nice set and forget feature to have your site content shared to followers at set intervals.

Buffer Share Plugin

Buffer has an analytics feature as well so you can see how many clicks your posts have, for your own buffer account. Each member can look at their Buffer analytics and see how well their posts are doing. This could be very handy for sales, magazines, etc as you can get an idea of how many are actually looking at your Tweets.

LinkedIn Share Button

If you run a social website with professional members (could also be educational members), the chance of these members having an active LinkedIn account is pretty high. Having a LinkedIn Share Button would be an ideal plugin for your PHPfox website to have your members share various items on your website to their business peers. This add-on only cost $5.

LinkedIn Type Social Network

Great way to Manage phpFox Pages

The Page Module is a popular phpFox feature – as that gives you, as the Site Admin, the power to allow your members to create their own mini-community.

If you actively use your Page Module within your Social Network the Popular Pages Block ($7) and
My Pages Block ($7) add-ons are a life-saver! The Popular Pages Block help you easily show off your most popular pages or groups on your site, giving them even more attention! The My Pages Block makes it super easy for your members to know which pages/groups they have joined, all in one place.

Easily Manage your Social Network

Make it easy for your members to upload/share/add any social item on your community with this fantastic
phpFox V3 Uplinks available for only $5.

Holiday Greeting for your Community

With the holiday coming around the corner you’ll want to share the holiday spirit with your community with this nifty (and FREE) Animated Happy Holidays Greeting.

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