• phpFox 2019 Year In Review

    phpFox 2019 Year In Review

    Hello everyone, we wish you holidays fully filled with fun and laughter. The Holiday Season is covering everywhere with many glorious colors. The green of Christmas tree, the red of Santa Claus robes and ornaments, the yellow of the sun and light, the white of snow… make everything around so beautiful and fascinating. The year 2019 is going through its last days. It is a good time for us to look back on what we have done this year. Let’s join us in phpFox 2019 Year In Review now. phpFox releases from 4.7.2 to 4.7.9 – Improvements and bugs fixed As our commitment to update phpFox regularly with more Core features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. We had 8 phpFox versions released through the year 2019. On top of many bug fixes, we keep enhancing stand-alone phpFox apps for better mutual integration such as Photos, Groups, Pages and Videos apps, etc. We also added the Map on Event and Marketplace – an important feature to help users find events and listing more easily. We continued doing the improvement for the Material template to bring to our users a friendly user experience. A series of new standalone core Apps focused on user engagement and interaction In the year 2019, we have 4 new core apps released: The first one is Reactions and Status Background were released on the beginning of May as very significant key features for social network sites to increase user engagement and interaction. It allows users having the ability to express with reactions and post statuses with attractive backgrounds on the social site. It makes the feed more attractive and joyful to users. The next was Saved Items app coming to our community in the middle of Jun. It gives users the ability to save and organize what they love on your online community. While surfing feed items on the community, your users will have Saved option right there to save the item they love. Then, all saved items can be managed and organized easily. And finally, Comments app was released in November. The Comment feature is frequently used by users to interact with others in every online community every day. With this new Comment app, users can attach an image, emojis/stickers, picture preview on links, hide/unhide comments or preview on the embedded link on top of normal comment with text. Mobile Apps 1.3 - Monetization with Google Admob & Integration solution for 3rd-party apps Mobile Apps 1.3 released on the beginning of April with the integration Google Admob to phpFox mobile apps to help the site owner earns more money from mobile apps. One more signification feature on this release is Integration solution via APIs for 3rd-party apps. Our team had been working really hard to design and implement a mechanism for this solution. It is really amazing! Now, all 3rd-party app experts can follow our instructions to integrate their phpFox apps or their customization work into phpFox native mobile apps. Please refer to technical documentation As normal, performance and UI/UX Improvements is an indispensable part of each release. This release included the improvement for loading speed by using Lazy loading method. These improvements and other native animations added make the phpFox mobile apps work obviously smoother and faster. Mobile Apps 1.4 – Subscriptions and more… This release was one of our important goals in 2019. It included a series of fascinating features added: Firstly, we did support Subscription on mobile apps. This feature not only helps the site owner can earn money but also helps users can purchase a subscription on the mobile app. It’s great and comfortable! Secondly, we enriched mobile apps by bringing Reactions and Status Background on this release. It is a lovely feature! And, Push Notification for new messages also added to this release. It helps your users still get updates of new messages even though they are not open the app. On this released, besides improvement mobile app features, we continued providing more APIs and layout components to help 3rd-party experts integrate their products to our mobile apps easier. Mobile Apps 1.5 – New features and more… We are happy to bring Dark Mode to phpFox Mobile apps. As you know, bright screens cause symptoms of digital eye strain. With the dark mode, the content is clearer and more focused to see in the night so we are sure that you will love it. Right-To-Left (RTL) is one of the most expected features which we excitedly released in this version 1.5. Same as the web version, the RTL layout will be applied automatically whenever users choose the RTL language. Mobile app 1.5 also supported for Language Switching. User can go to Account Settings on the mobile apps and switch to the appropriate language quickly. Another improvement in this version is the Listing purchase. Now, users can purchase an item on the Mobile app via Paypal directly. Supporting this feature on phpFox mobile apps is one of the most essential demand to make your business more successful. Hide all feed option any many improvements more... were included in this version as our promise, we always try to improve PHPFox on both Mobile App and Web version to bring to our valued customers the best stable PHPFox version. Live Streaming solution This is the most expectation release to close 2019. Also, it is definitely one of our biggest projects that we have been working hard on and spent many efforts throughout this year. As you know, Live Streaming is so popular in every online community nowadays. Now, Live Streaming is ready for your community to give end-users a fun, powerful way to interact and engage with viewers in real-time on your community. Users can create exciting video content and broadcast instantly on the community.   That is all for the year 2019. We hope that you are pleased with our improvements and our releases in the year 2019. All of us are looking forward to a prosperous new year together. With the mission to build phpFox as the best social network script for online communities, we promise to continue upgrading, improving our products better day by day. We wish you all the best ahead! And Happy New Year 2020!
  • phpFox 2018 Year In Review

    phpFox 2018 Year In Review

    The year 2019 is almost here. As usual, it is always the special moment to look back what we have done in 2018. We are so proud to see that all objectives of Plan 2018 have been completed perfectly so far. 2018 is definitely one of our most exciting and energizing years. Now, let's take a seat, have some wine and join us in the phpFox 2018 Year In Review. phpFox 4.6.0 - New layout standards for the future The year 2018 started with the official release of version 4.6.0 in January.  In this release, we have defined new standards for the future. This is one of our big upgrades with many significant improvements in layout structure. Especially, we introduce the new and beautifully designed template – The Material Template, as one of the default templates in phpFox from this version onwards. Also, we ported all Core apps to standalone apps and publish them in the phpFox store to be more convenient for maintenance and upgrade in the future. phpFox 4.6.1 - New organization and layout of AdminCP Our team started implementing version 4.6.1 right after the release of version 4.6.0. The Developer and Official Releases of 4.6.1 came in March and April. In 4.6.1, on top of maintaining to make the Core more stable, we studied user behaviors and redesigned the new layout for AdminCP. With new AdminCP, we removed all disadvantages, organize menus and features for Admins to manage phpFox sites more conveniently. We then released 6 minor updates for this version to fix known issues and gradually add more improvements. In particular, we released the phpFox 4.6.1 build 3 and build 4 for GDPR Compliance which will be officially applied from May 25th, 2018. The new phpFox Store The new phpFox Store is also our major and important project in the year 2018. Our expectation is to provide a better marketplace for third-party experts and our valued clients. In the new phpFox Store, we brought a brand new look on the Store including new layouts, designs, features… These changes primarily aim to improve user experiences upon finding apps, purchasing apps, installing apps and managing purchases.  The new Store also helps 3rd-party developers more convenient to manage products and licenses. In July, the project was done. You will be surprised if knowing how much effort we have put in this project. We were so delighted to bring you the new Store. phpFox 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 - Faster, better scalable and more phpFox version 4.7.0 was officially released in October 2018. In this update, we mainly set our focus on enhancing user experience with phpFox. Therefore, we spent our effort to modify and optimize several Core components of the system to ensure a fast, responsive yet stable platform. We gave our experiments and results in Performance Enhancement in phpFox 4.7.0 article that you may like to read it. Additionally, bolstering up the scalability of phpFox is our another target in version 4.7.0. The platform is now flexible and applicable to the expansion on server and database to deal with the large scale of requests from users. In November 2018, we continued releasing the phpFox 4.7.1 to improve current features and resolve known issues. phpFox Mobile app - The completed mobile readiness The long wait was over on December 2018 when we officially released both the iOS app and Android app. This is our most important goal in 2018. We have been receiving much positive feedback since the releases. Everyone knows how important to have mobile apps for social networks nowadays. Definitely, your phpFox Social Network needs a mobile app to get a comprehensive solution for social connection anytime, anywhere.   That's it. What do you think about our works in 2018? Which releases are the most important o you? Please feel free to reach out and share us your thoughts. We love to have your feedback as much as possible. Let's be ready for 356 days of the year 2019 together. We wish you all the best ahead. Happy New Year!  
  • phpFox 2017 Year In Review

    phpFox 2017 Year In Review

    Today we are going to give you our 2017 Year In Review highlighting the major version releases and company updates. Let's all take a look back at some of the critical events this year. One of the highlights this year is the new phpFox website. We have decided to update our website to provide a powerful, informative yet cool and user-friendly website. Feel free to explore and don't forget to chat with our live chat agent whenever you have questions in mind. Earlier this year, we have released the phpFox v4.5.1(b2) fixing the critical issues found in the first release of this version. This version of phpFox continuously improved and came up with the release of phpFox 4.5.2 during the 2nd quarter of the year. In the same quarter, the new video app was released. This video app allows uploading videos to the local server. You could check this article if you missed it: Introduction to the new Video App – Upload to local server Then the phpFox 4.5.3 was released in the 3rd quarter of this year. We have started releasing phpFox core apps as Standalone apps with this version release. This is also one of the highlights of this year. We introduced the very beautiful Material Template in addition to the current default Bootstrap Theme for this version. We also had recently released the Development, the Beta, and the RC version of phpFox 4.6.0 for testing purposes. The official release of this version will be in January 2018. Bringing the phpFox Store to the next level is one of the development highlights this year. We are planning to release the new phpFox store in February 2018 officially. Check out the Sneak Peek for the new phpFox Store article if you missed it. phpFox also released apps, together with the released phpFox 4.5.3, as Standalone Apps. The primary context of porting apps from the script is to be able to maintain each core app easier. So whenever you are having any issues with the specific app, you just need to fix that app without putting your site to offline. You can easily download and install all the standalone core apps from the phpFox Store Starting this year moving forward, migrating from SocialEngine to phpFox without losing data is now possible with this SE Importer tool. All the clients using SocialEngine who would like to migrate to phpFox will have a chance to enjoy 50%  discount on purchasing the phpFox license until the end of 2018. Lastly, we started the development of our very own native mobile app. We all know that having a mobile app is essential on a social network. This is going to be our focus in the year 2018. Finally, we would like to thank you all for trusting us to be your source for top quality social network script. We appreciate all your kind expression of appreciation and are especially grateful for all the positive feedback we received. Rest assured that we will continue giving you a top-of-the-line social network software and outstanding support for this coming year of 2018. Happy New Year everyone!