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  • Neutron 4.4: Great Performance Improvement

    Efficient Investment For Your Growing Business The biggest challenge for Social Network Admins all time: what script is optimized for performance and can scale up when the site is growing fast?Here are a few options when it comes to discussion:Open Source Script and Commercial Social Network Scripts: easy to setup, can run on almost average servers. Mostly built based on existing framework, then it seems to be no problem to run on VPS. However, when it comes to thousands of members, it gets stuck, can not load even scaled to run on very high servers. Technically, these scripts do not support that large scale level. Many technicians say they can get it work with very nice proposal (cost is also high, of course), but the devil is in details. Expensive and Enterprise Social Network Solutions: basically it can run for thousands of members, but requires very high servers at the beginning; and more servers needed for small increase of members. It’s paid up to number of your site members, not really suitable for a start-up niche social network.(more…)