• Sneak Peek for the new phpFox AdminCP

    Sneak Peek for the new phpFox AdminCP

    Are you having a great time using the new AdminCP of phpFox 4.6.0? Because we are about to make your experience even more exciting. As you know phpFox AdminCP has changed ever since the released of phpFox 4.6.0. And it looks awesome! But we don't want to settle for less. We want to give you the best. And to make it more convenient and easy to use, we come up with this new layout of the AdminCP. But when is this going to be available? We will let you know in a bit. But for now, let's take a look first at its new look. Dashboard We know that the Dashboard is the first thing you can see when you log in to your AdminCP. In this new design, we make sure that your experience will be so much better. As you can see in the image above, you will be able to see slides about the recent blogs from phpFox so you won't miss any news from us. On top of that, we will add a notification icon that will serve as an alert for some pending items. We also reorganized some of the blocks like site statistics, active admins, latest admin logins, and notes. There will be a space for your logo too. Dashboard's Auto Search Tool The Global Search tool is now placed on top center part of your AdminCP. Making it easier for you to find a specific setting with its auto-suggestion feature. The Form Editor The new layout of form editor has much cleaner and professional look. Settings are very organized and easier to change. We moved all the setting options in the middle of the page in order for you to easily change the settings. AdminCP Tables The table in the phpFox's AdminCP is also redesigned to easily manage and configure. Let's start with viewing the apps on how it will look like. In the image above, you will notice that there is "add button" to easily add items to the table. This button will be present in all the tables on your AdminCP. See the next image for more. Above image is showing the checkbox to select multiple items from the table. It also shows the setting option in each item to select the necessary option for that specific item. As you notice in the image above, we will also add a pagination option. This feature is good when browsing members on your site. You can set how many members will show up on each page. As you can see in the above image, you are still able to enjoy the drag option to rearrange items in your table. When searching for a specific item or user on your site, Advanced search filter is the best solution to that.  As you can see in the image above, we also integrate advanced search in the table of your phpFox AdminCP. Its new design is more nice and clean. And whenever you changed something on your site or in the table, this is how the popup form will look like on the table. Empty State The empty state shows whenever you clear all your notifications or alerts in the AdminCP. See how clean it looks like in the image above.   The data and some information on the images above are just mockups to show you the new design of the AdminCP. It can still change a bit during the development and might look a bit different on the final version. The question is when this will be effective? I'm sure all of you are excited to know. This new AdminCP layout will be effective on April 2018 together with the release of phpFox 4.6.1. Your thoughts are important to us. So if you got some comments or suggestions please let us know by submitting a ticket in the client area or via live chat on our website.
  • Welcome to the phpFox AdminCP Demo

    Welcome to the phpFox AdminCP Demo

    phpFox AdminCP Demo is here, finally! We know that most of you are waiting to see what's inside the phpFox website. In this demo, we will show you the backend or the admin panel of the phpFox script. You'll be able to discover that managing a social network website using phpFox software is just a 'piece of cake'. What is AdminCP? AdminCP is the backend or what we call Administrative Control Panel of phpFox. The AdminCP is where you'll manage your entire site. It contains all of the settings and options to use when setting up and maintaining your website. This is the place where you manage your site from changing your themes, managing apps, user level management, and so on. Welcome to the phpFox AdminCP Demo The AdminCP demo will show you all the settings for managing your entire phpFox site. All the main menus can be found on the left block of the AdminCP. These menus have their own set of configurations and functionalities by default. You can easily change these configurations with just a few clicks. We restricted this Demo to a 'view-only' mode to prevent any demo error. But if you want to learn more and play around with the AdminCP, you can request to get the trial version for 14 days. No Coding Skills Needed Managing phpFox site doesn't require you to have a coding or programming skills.  phpFox AdminCP is packed with powerful and clickable settings to manage your online community. You can even do it with beer on the side. Cool, isn't it? Ease of Access For more easier accessibility, we have divided the AdminCP menus into 4 sections. You can find these menus on the left block of the AdminCP. Just take time to browse each menu and you yourself will find everything with just a few clicks. Software Support Tools phpFox software doesn't just settle for less. Aside from this admin demo and frontend demo, we also have different support tools that you can use whenever you decided to purchase the script. The first in line is the User Manual, where you can find all the tutorials and guides in setting up your site. phpFox also comes with the Developers Documentation for the techy people. phpFox Community Forum is also one of the best options to ask for a free support. Last but not the least, you can use our support service if you are having any issues on your site. So what are you waiting for? Check out the phpFox AdminCP Demo now! You may also check the frontend demo at Just leave an offline message or chat with our agent on our website if you have any questions.