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Live streaming is one of the most powerful marketing strategies which enables businesses to reach a larger potential target audience. phpFox Live Streaming enables you to provide your audience with high-quality live broadcasts while improving the value of your business. In today’s article, let’s have a better look at phpFox Live Streaming. 


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In This Article:

  1. Showcase Your Service/Product
  2. Conduct Training
  3. Broadcast Live Event
  4. Host Interview 
  5. Host Q&A Session


Top 5 Uses of phpFox Live Streaming Benefiting Your Business


Showcase Your Service/Product


Typically, your audience cannot see how your products or services are made. You may show them what it takes to complete from concept to product by using live streaming video. This is an excellent method to show your audience what goes into establishing your brand.


For instance, the phpFox Live Streaming solution allows you to give a deeper inside look at the process of making your product for customers to see. This also means they will have an interactive view of your business, and you will also create a deeper connection with your audience.


Avenue Beads is a glass jewelry and artwork company located in Chicago. Because their works need a lot of time and effort to build, they used live videos to show viewers how they are made.


You may use the same logic for services. For example, insurance business can show viewers the customer service department, where personnel answer phone calls.


Remember that people only see the result of your company–your product or service. Any step in between is a valuable tale that will almost certainly enhance brand engagement.


Conduct Training


Next on the list of uses of phpFox Live Streaming provides businesses a place to conduct training for new employees, staff, teammates, or even leaders. If the topic is engaging to them, most individuals are eager learners. Take advantage of this by becoming your audience’s go-to source for a specific issue.


Because you can’t share your screen or integrate other information with the stream, live streaming from mobile is limited compared to desktop. This, however, does not have to be a barrier to live streaming training sessions. After all, the mobility of Meerkat and Periscope is one of the reasons for their rapid growth.


Hold your phone on a tiny tripod and talk to the camera while gesturing with your hands. Take the phone and display a closeup if you need to illustrate a specific detail.


Repetition and engagement are essential components of training. Schedule your sessions on a daily or weekly basis to make them continue.


Users will remember when your live streaming session airs if you schedule it. Remember to provide time throughout the show for people to ask questions or answer inquiries.


Broadcast Live Event


Live events may help your audience feel more connected to your brand or sector. The important thing here is displaying the event and allowing users to participate in it.


Make up stories for your audience. Viewers are likely to become bored and detach if you display what is happening in one spot. Instead, show them the event by walking around. Be the eyes and ears of your audience.


Ask viewers what they want to see and who they want to meet at the event. Keep an eye on their remarks and, if feasible, respond to them. The release or announcement of news and products is a critical component of many events. Show these unique moments to your audience if you receive permission from event organizers.


Host Interview 


People are crucial to brands and businesses, and “people” is one of the seven Ps in the expanded marketing mix. However, businesses might lose sight of this and become too promotional.


To promote engagement, do brief live interviews with staff or clients. These interviews illustrate the human aspect of your organization and provide unique ideas and viewpoints.


The Verge is a technology, science, and culture-focused online publication. They offer a daily Periscope session called “Let’s Debate,” where they discuss things they’ve covered on their website. 


However, don’t over-promote your brand during these sessions. Keep the essential essence of your business in the video while providing fresh stuff to your consumers.


Host Q&A Session


The last thing on the list of uses of phpFox Live Streaming is to give you a chance to get better insights and receive feedback from your targeted audience. 


Organize sessions where the audience may ask you questions regarding their issues or areas of interest. This is an excellent method for increasing engagement since it demonstrates to others that you value their views and opinions.


Recognize fascinating questions that can benefit your audience. Mention the user who is asking the inquiry to improve interaction. If you receive comments from trolls or aggressive people, disregard them.


With all the listed uses of the phpFox Live Streaming solution, it’s time you start making a difference in your business with phpFox. We provide companies of all fields with the best Live Streaming solution, complete with prominent features such as commenting, interaction with emoticons, etc.


Start stepping up your game with the help of phpFox Live Streaming solution now; contact us and let us know how we can help. 


Please don’t hesitate to send us if you have any questions. Contact us via Client Area or message us directly on our website! Our dedicated support team will be there to answer all of them.




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