Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?

What is ChatPlus? Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?

As a professional, you understand the value of timely and effective communication. Nevertheless, lots of people out there still fall short. While the causes may differ, it is possible that they are just using inappropriate tools. One of the technologies that can help your employees be more productive and collaborative at communicating is instant messaging (IM). According to the report, there are 2.52 billion people using messaging apps on mobile. This number is expected to reach 3 billion in 2022. Obviously, instant messaging is becoming increasingly popular not just among individuals but also in businesses. Therefore, ChatPlus was born to take the responsibility of bringing the communication of your phpFox online community to a higher level. Let’s dive in to know what ChatPlus is, and why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community.


A glance at ChatPlus and its functionalities

ChatPlus is an advanced instant message solution from phpFox. It provides phpFox site builders a way to leverage their site communication and engagement with so many interesting messaging features. 

Advanced Instant Messaging

This feature allows users to share photos, videos, GIFs, files, and Emojis. Users can also add reactions to one message to show their emotion or click to respond to a specific message. With ChatPlus on your phpFox online community, users will be able to go find sent photos, videos, or files in the conversation gallery instead of scrolling up a lot to find what they are looking for. Some other actions users can take are pinning messages, leaving chat rooms,  archiving/unarchiving conversations or deleting conversations. 

Group chats

With Group chats feature, users can create private or public groups and enjoy sharing their favorite topics. The owner of the conversation group will have permission to set other member roles such as leader, moderator, or customized role. 

Audio/Video call

You can make an audio or video call one-on-one or a group video conferencing call in your community. Besides, this feature allows users to turn on/off or switch front/rear cameras when calling. Users can also raise their hands to notice others to be spoken. Moreover, everyone in the call can together watch the Youtube party. 

We have published a blog about The Advantages Of Video Conferencing from video calls. You can go back to read for getting more information about the benefits of this feature.

Why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community?

Improve Communication

Communication speed is critical in the online community. As a result, instant messaging allows you to connect with people in real-time, without the delays that come with email conversation or the traditional communication channel. You can hold a discussion instantaneously as long as the other person is available, resulting in faster and more efficient communication.

Cut off paper

Instead of producing documents from paper, online documents are more and more popular nowadays. In addition to the fact that users can exchange documents quickly and conveniently with the attachment sharing feature, the benefit of ChatPlus is cutting off paper to protect the environment.

Save money

Instant messaging is a low-cost communication method. Instant messaging saves money on travel for major companies that communicate often across regions. It enables businesses to have meetings, prepare presentations, and submit and receive applications without having to go to other offices. It also allows users to make quick changes to documents and spreadsheets, saving money on printing and distribution.

Increase productivity

Another advantage that proves why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox community is that it helps to increase the productivity of your phpfox online community. You won’t have to worry about long email lines, missed texts, or version control issues, all of which may cause irritation, misunderstanding, and delays, because ChatPlus allows you to collaborate on documents in real-time

Build engagement

Although a few will argue the benefits of video conferencing compared to e-mail, video conferences will carry audio calls to a higher level. With video, it’s unlikely to misinterpret the tones due to the inclusion of facial expressions. Therefore, users will get to know well others to communicate in the most effective way. Good communication will lead to better engagement for your phpFox community.

ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community

After going through this article, you might have a clearer understanding of why ChatPlus is important for your phpFox online community. With ChatPlus, your phpFox site communication will be brought to a higher level. Your users will be diving into enjoying communicating in the best way possible which helps you to increase engagement for your community. 


BUY ChatPlus today to take a leap for your site. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our Client Area if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

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