phpFox 4.8.7 Official Release

phpfox 4.8.7 official release | Feature | phpFox-487

Your feedback is extremely useful to our ecosystem, and we thank you for it. Each new version has undoubtedly taken into account all issue complaints and suggestions. It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of phpFox 4.8.7 as part of our commitment to continuously update phpFox with new Core features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. Let’s dig right in, shall we?

Bugs Fixed


  • Tackle the issue force user verify phone number again after change email address
  • Tackle the issue can’t get video information when sharing a Vimeo URL if a site has been blocked connection by Vimeo
  • Next-gen format image doesn’t work properly when editing Theme
  • Resolve the issue thumbnail doesn’t show when sharing the link of Facebook/Instagram to feed (if Facebook Connect app is disabled)
  • When clicking on “Manage Phrases” of a language (PHP 8) in the module “Manage Language Packages”, it will show 500 error
  • Could not load app categories when access to ACP>>{App}>>Manage Categories (Bootstrap – PHP 8)
  • Display duplicate after refresh multiple times in AdminCP > Site Statistics
  • Could not sign up with Google account if there are required custom fields on the Registration form
  • Paste text in Status/comment composer misses paragraph formatting
  • Wrong image extension after update profile avatar with a format .jpeg 
  • Could not hide block “Users You May Know” in the “Browse user” page
  • Missing validate email when inputting to email friend invites
  • In User Profile, the Custom field does not follow the order which has been set in the backend
  • When sharing a link in feed, the Preview disappears after removing the link and sometimes it’s not
  • User cannot send an invitation email at the first time
  • User can edit a post without inputting text
  • Losing value in “Port” and “Database number” when editing Message Queue with type Redis
  • When user edits photo feed right after posting, the redundant large space appears under tags/check-in
  • Cron job app is still keeping after uninstalling it
  • “Search user groups settings” only effects after performing Clear All caches
  • Some XSS Attack on Feed
  • Missing some phrases in AdminCP
  • Missing featured icon on blocks (Recently Active, Users You May Know) and keeping Feature action after featuring others
  • When tag friends  on feed, Redundant slash displays if friend name has special characters
  • Losing the animation when viewing the comments with GIF


New Features / Improvements


  • The warning message will be displayed sequentially in the Registration and Contact Us form
  • The country code will be auto-detected in Verification by SMS 
  • Adding some core frequently used emails to Emails settings in AdminCP
  • Supporting Submenu Creation 
  • Supporting schedule the post on feed 
  • Hiding 2 fields, Client ID and Client Secret, in the Payment Method section under Account Settings
  • Supporting Multiple Languages for Anti-Spam Security Questions
  • After admin updated Relationship Statuses in AdminCP, the new information will be auto-linked in Front-end without Clear Cache manually
  • The buttons will be disabled after clicking on ‘Deselect All’ in the Browse users page in AdminCP
  • The link in the email of reported items can be clickable.
  • The confirmation popup will be appeared when deleting a friends list 
  • The notification/email of the private post (only me) will not be sent to the tagged user 
  • Users won’t be allowed to search for a friend to tag on the feed if the setting “Who can tag me in written contexts?” of that friend is “No one”
  • Using regex validation setting for importing users in AdminCP 


Upgrade phpFox 4.8.7



The package of phpFox 4.8.7 is available for you to download in our Client Area. To upgrade your phpFox site to version 4.8.7, you have to run the full upgrade routine as our Upgrade Instructions


We highly recommend you backup your site and database before proceeding with the upgrade. And, don’t forget to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.


If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, please see our recommendations.


For the new phpFox installation, the following articles will be helpful to you:


Installation Guide


There are more details for your information in the phpFox Release Notes and the Changelog.

Don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area for any issue. We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better, hence please feel free to share with us your ideas.

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