Mobile App 1.7.6 Official Release

phpFox Mobile 1.7.6 Official Release | Feature | phpFox-mobile176

The best software is one that is always being improved. That’s why we here at phpFox are giving our all trying to be the better version of ourselves each and every day. Looking through all of your valuable comments and feedback we have made adjustments and improvements to the old phpFox mobile. We proudly present you the new updated phpFox Mobile 1.7.6 and bring new values to you and your business. 


Better UX with Social Login/Sign up


No more tedious, and complicated registration process, because your users now can easily sign in or register with the most common social Login options. Users could log in with one click via Google, Facebook, and Apple account.


Access with Phone Number


This feature is very valuable. It is available in the previous version but it’s more friendly in this version. Email access only is now the thing from the past, as the user will be able to login there with just the code sent via their mobile devices. This feature delights users’ experience while using the app.


User Freely Express Emotions


You can now create and customize the reactions suitable for your user which help them express themselves more with your content or with one another. Letting users express their emotions and feelings can drastically improve user experience and interaction on your social network. This brings an unique experience for users when using your social network.


High Streaming Quality


Low streaming quality can leave a very bad impression on the viewers. phpFox supports live streaming from the web using OBS can greatly upgrade your livestream quality to a different level, and create the best experience for your users. 


Highly Responsive and Accessible 


PhpFox mobile 1.7.6 now allows you to answer the call right on the lock screen. 


Some Highlighted New Features / Improvements

  • Support register/login with Google account
  • The country code will be auto-detected in Verification by SMS and supporting select the country code
  • For uploaded video, user can see video title/view/like/description and edit it directly in the activity feed
  • The “Contact Seller” button will be hidden when the seller views the listing details in the Marketplace app
  • Chatplus – Ask for permission to draw over other apps at the 1st running the Android  app
  • Support upload/view video on Mobile App with Mux
  • Chatplus – User can accept and join the audio/video call without unlocking the screen on Android app
  • Live Streaming – Support live stream from web using OBS
  • Live Streaming – Support “Community” privacy


To see the full detailed update please click here: phpFox Mobile 1.7.6 Release Notes.


Upgrade now and get all these new features and improvements added to your social networks! 

Open Mobile Build ticket in our Client Area to request us to upgrade your mobile apps.


Don’t hesitate to submit tickets or report immediately to our Client Area for any issue. We’re constantly working to improve your phpFox experience. We always appreciate any feedback to make phpFox better, hence please feel free to share with us your ideas.

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