phpFox Mobile App 1.7 Official Release

We are well aware that everyone is still so eager to learn more about ChatPlus and its actual release day, however, today we are here to announce the release of our new phpFox Mobile App 1.7

phpFox Mobile App 1.7 Official Release Our new app comes with bug fixes, improvements and a few new added features. So let’s dive into it. 

Purchase Activity Points or Sponsorships

Now community members (users) can easily purchase more activity points from your platform, making it easier and intuitive for users to convert actual money into your community virtual currency. They can also purchase sponsorship on any content right from their Mobile App 1.7.

listing activity-point packages


Offline Mode

Are you out with no access to the internet? Not to worry, you can still post on to your feed or comment or like on your friend’s photos, and when the app connects to the internet, it will automatically update everything for you.

Mention Pages or Groups

Part of an active group in your community with many interactions daily? Then this will be a handy feature. @YourFavouriteGroupOrPage to make it visible to the members of that group or page. However, if you are a part of the public group, then this post will be seen by all. You can also view this post both on your feed and on the respective group feed.

*Please note – This feature is functional only on core versions above 4.7.10


An improvement which we think requires a spotlight on is for – support number of new chat messages on app badges for iOS devices. This feature was already available to the Android users, but now our Apple fans have it too. 


That’s all for now.  You can open a Mobile Build ticket in Client Area to request us to upgrade your mobile apps.


And, please feel free to raise a ticket in your client area or shoot us an email at if having recommendations or queries. We will continue to improve our platform, our apps and our solutions; however, your feedbacks are important to us. Please share your suggestions and feedbacks in our phpFox community. Next up will be the official release of ChatPlus solution


Till then enjoy all the goodness of Mobile App 1.7 and stay safe.

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