phpFox 4.7.4 Official Release

How’s it going? We wish that all is growing well with your social networks. Today, we are proud to announce that the phpFox 4.7.4 is officially released. As usual, we keep maintaining our Script with many refinements, improvements and bug fixes to make it more stable. With this release, we’d like to thank you for your contributions, our loyal clients, with many suggestions, issue reports via Github Tracker, the phpFox community as well as Client Area. With your help, we are confident to develop phpFox better day by day. Now, let’s take a quick look at what has been done in phpFox 4.7.4!

phpFox 4.7.4 Official Release

What’s new in phpFox 4.7.4

We gradually advanced phpFox functionalities to meet any needs and demands based on clients’ feedbacks. Below are some highlighted key improvements in this release:

– Make phrases on Friend module clearer and understandable

– Support CKEditor on Contact Us form

– Display warning popup when a user is redirected to external links

– Users can edit status having Photo/Video/Link

– Users can fitter by online users when browsing Users on front-end

Fixed Issues

Certainly, many bug reports have been collected and resolved in this version. Some of the fixed issues are below:

– A user can view all status with a link without having view privacy.

– Status with a link on a page still displays after removing.

– Have an issue with displaying custom fields on the User Profile page

– Not all friends are suggested when tagging or mentioning friends on feed

– Status option isn’t updated after sending or confirming friend request.

For the full list of improvements and bug fixes, please visit the Release Notes.


If you are developers and you have a question about the changes in the Core script, please read our the complete changed files.

Installation & Upgrade

We encourage you to back up your site and database before performing the upgrade. Make sure to check with 3rd-party experts about the compatibility of all the apps/templates you are using.
Also, take advantages on useful guides below if you want to upgrade the site yourself.

Upgrade Instructions
Installation Guide

Important Notes

– Along with the release of phpFox 4.7.4, we also have upgrades of the Material template and some phpFox apps: Photos, Events, Pages, Groups, Videos. The latest of these products are only compatible with phpFox 4.7.4. So, you will need to upgrade your phpFox site before upgrading these apps.

– If your phpFox site is using 3rd-party apps or has customizations, our recommendations can help you.


If you got any issues with this version, please let us know by submitting tickets or reporting immediately to our GitHub Tracker or Client Area. We also encourage you to join and stay connected with the Community Forum.

We welcome any feedback to make phpFox better, so please don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts.

Let’s enjoy phpFox 4.7.4 today!

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