Fox Insider: Big Theme News! Discount Included!

Phil Fox Wow have I got some Big Theme News for ya! This is a really big scoop so you’ll have to keep it just between us. I was doing my morning cardio workout with the dev team (which involves me grabbing the box of donuts and running, with them close on my tail) and sort of locked them in the broom closet when they “caught up” with me ;). This gave me time to snoop again as they spent quality time together with their box of donuts in the closet.

This is nothing short of amazing news! They are working on the theme system to make it even better! Here’s a list of the upcoming features for the stable release of v4.2!

  • A simplified system for clients to make it more clear for editing.
  • Live previews where clients can see their changes live and “Publish” these changes when they are ready, similar to how WordPress™ works.
  • Easily edit visitor page image, site logo and favicon.
  • Allow new themes to be created based on Bootstrap theme(right now it only works for Neutron theme).
  • This will allow other designers the ability to start creating some cool themes directly from CSS/LESS flat files without having to recompile the changes.

See some screenshots and learn how to use this great upcoming feature in the theme manager tutorial.

Now those are some great things coming up, don’t you agree? It sounds like the phpFox script is one rockin’ script to have and improvements just keep on coming! So, what are YOU waiting for? Get your website started with phpFox! Already got a phpFox site? No problem as you’ll have access to the 4.2 release too!

Now, I also found where they do the discounts. Figured, why not make a Celebration Discount courtesy of your’s truly, Phil Fox! So, in order to celebrate the 4.2 stable release that’s coming next week, your buddy Phil Fox has this 20% discount for you:

The discount voucher is: Celebrate420

Hurry and grab this deal and celebrate V4.2 by clicking below (limited offer, only 50 available):

Order phpFox without installation (ordinary price: $399 with 20% discount $319.20)

This sale will start on Friday, January 22nd and end on Friday, January 29th, 2016 at 23.59(11:59 p.m) GMT+ 01:00 as long as supplies of discount vouchers last.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” ~Audrey Hepburn

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