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Website Maintenance is still in progress. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With some major upcoming changes taking place within our company and flagship product, we felt it would best to be back on and focus on branding Moxi9 separately. So we would like to say: Welcome to :-). This change also introduces how we assist our clients and distribute our product.

The Community

Our current community, which is on is currently set to an archive mode and will be imported to our new community. Our new community actually has data from our previous PHPfox community from last year, before the move over to Our new community is open to everyone and will also be used as our public demo. It runs a stock version of our product (Neutron – v4) and if any apps are installed they will be free for anyone to install. Using the community as a public demo gives pre-clients the ability to see the potential of PHPfox with live content.

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The Support

Our main focus will be providing support direct to clients via the community. This will allow us to assist a larger client base and use our own product from the perspective of our client. The current Knowledgebase will continue to stay online, however we have opened a new KB, which we will use to post any new articles in the future.

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The Store

We will continue to use our current store to distribute 3rd party apps, themes and language packs. This store also is where current clients that have purchased PHPfox before today can access their license details. For clients that will be using v4, you will have to install products directly from our Admin Control Panel, which has direct access to our store front.

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The Issues

Our current issue tracker has been archived. We have been using Github for some time to manage our code and we felt it was time to use their built-in issue tracker. It will be easier for us to manage, resolve issues and share our code base with 3rd party developers.

The Name

With each release our product has had an internal name for its code base. Our current stable version is v3.8 and will be branded by its code name, Nebula. Our future version, v4 – is Neutron. We have introduced the naming of each version as we plan on selling both versions in the upcoming months. Fun little fact, v2’s code name is Arctic.

The Pricing

Neutron is currently selling at pre-order price of $199. If you purchase Neutron now you get access to the final stable release of v4 and any version released within that build (e.g. 4.1, 4.2 etc…). If you purchase Nebula, you get access to the current stable release.

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If you have been a PHPfox Client prior to May 25th, 2015 you can access your license at your PHPfox Clients Account

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