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phpFox is the ideal platform for creating a community with your biggest fans, sharing remarkable content, and transforming your passion into a thriving creative business.

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Turning Your Passion Into Businesses

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Monetize Your Content

With phpFox, your passion becomes your profit. Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of Monetization Features. Attract loyal fans by offering exclusive content via subscriptions. Create your product listings on the marketplace. Showcase your best work as featured items. Enhance your revenue by permitting targeted ads within the community, ensuring your creative output stays prominently in view of your fans.

  • Set up an Online Marketplace
  • Start a Membership Subscription

No Ads. No Algorithms. Just Real Connection

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Build Thriving Community

phpFox provides a platform that enables creators to sustain themselves by directly connecting with their own communities, free from ads and algorithmic interference. Build strong relationships with members through live streaming, stories, video and audio chats, comments, direct emails, and more. You can connect more deeply and directly with your community's members here than anywhere else.

  • Build a real community
  • Engagement made easy

Your Community, Your Way

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Highly Customizable

Say goodbye to communities that limit your vision! phpFox isn’t just an online space, it’s your digital realm where your rules hold sway. Now, effortlessly personalize every aspect of your community, from background colors to member groupings—you’re in control. Whether you’re a podcaster or a musician, phpFox’s highly customizable platform empowers you to craft an experience tailored perfectly for your target audience. 

  • Features customized for niche communities.
  • Optimized for web and mobile responsiveness.

Effortless​ Integration

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Integrate with Ease

Our platform supports Universal APIs, so we are ready to integrate with your existing tools and platforms upon an initial investigation to review the compatibility. You can reach your fans wherever they enjoy your work most. Choose from dozens of app integrations to reach more fans in more places.

  • Third-Party App Connectivity
  • Existing System Integration

One-Time Payment. Optional Yearly Renewal

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Starting your community on phpFox is easy and affordable. Pay one time and get instant access to powerful tools designed to help you create what you want, connect more deeply and directly with your biggest fans, and grow your creative business.


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