• 2020 Year Plan

    2020 Year Plan

    Hi all, Q1 of 2020 came to an end, and we know that we are a little late to announce our plan for 2020. However, we would still love to take you through our programs and what significant changes or releases are on your way this year.  2020 Year Plan phpFox 4.8 with ChatPlus phpFox 4.8 is our next major release with lots of improvements on software functionalities, performance, and scalability. This major version will come with core script enhancements and will be compatible with the latest PHP version to achieve the best performance provided by PHP language. Also, the newly designed layout for our built-in IM apps will help your users to manage conversations easily.  Last but not least, lots of development effort will focus on the scalability of the software. So, phpFox can easily horizontally scale on public/private Cloud for high load communities. Along with the core software, the most awaiting ChatPlus solution will also be publicly available. The ChatPlus solution comes with most desired features for communication-centric communities. It supports pinned messages, enhanced emoticons, reactions, attachments, group chat, audio/video calls with recording ability, etc. ChatPlus solution will also be available in Web browsers and Mobile Applications. Thus, your users can communicate with others anytime and anywhere. We plan to release phpFox 4.8 with ChatPlus at the end of the Q2/2020. The Cloud version for phpFox v4 We know that managing a community is not easy when you do not own a strong technology team to support your online community growth. Things will be a breeze for you with the upcoming release of cloud version for phpFox.  With phpFox v4 Cloud, you can easily spin your new community in some clicks. You do not need to worry about the technical side of how to maintain your infrastructure. You can quickly put more focus on developing your community users and content rather than being distracted by trying to manage technology-related items behind the scene. We expect to launch The first version of phpFox v4 Cloud at the end of Q3 or early Q4 of 2020. V5 - The new phpFox platform with new technology phpFox v4 has been out for a very long time. We know that lots of our clients are waiting for something new, with brand new technology. And phpFox v5 will be a brand new phpFox version that is going to be beta released within this year. With the new simplified design and the latest front-end technology, we will employ React to power the new phpFox front-end system. Meanwhile, the backend of the software will be rewritten to apply most of the recent technology to make the software more robust. We will gradually launch new features for this new version starting from 2021. For the V5 version, every client who has active software upgrades and support will be able to access as soon as it is released. So stay tuned!   I hope that you will be interested in our 2020 Year plan. Have any questions? Please feel free to drop us a message to or raise tickets in Client Area. We would love to listen for feedback.