• New Saved Items app is here and more

    New Saved Items app is here and more

    Howdy everyone, how is your day going? Today, we are excited to announce the new phpFox app to you: Saved Items. Some of you may be very familiar with this new app since its main feature has been available on many popular online communities such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. It is obviously a Must-Have feature for successful online communities nowadays. That's why our team has decided to implement this feature on phpFox as soon as possible. The Saved Items app is available for all Pro, Pro+ and Ultimate licenses on phpFox Store. Let's install the Saved Items app on your phpFox sites today to bring this useful feature to your users. Saved Items app In case you aren't familiar with this feature, please don't worry. We are going to have a quick introduction to this app now. Let's imagine that you have read a fantastic blog or seen a very interesting video/photo on the online community site. Then you may like to visit those items again or share them with your friends now. You may have many difficulties or uncomfortable feeling when looking for them due to many similar items on your social network. And, everything becomes much more convenient to users with Saved Items app. People can save and organize what they love on phpFox site from now. While surfing feed items on the community, your users will have Saved option right there to save the item they love. Then, all saved items can be managed and organized easily. One more thing Also, we have another interesting update about the Reactions and Feed Status Background apps today. Since the official release for these apps, we have been received many upgrade requests for mobile apps as our clients all want to have these important features on both web version and mobile apps. We are so happy that these features have brought a great experience to your users on mobile apps and phpFox sites. As their significant role to get more user engagement, we decided to bring both Reactions and Feed Status Background apps to phpFox Pro license. Thus, if you are holding Pro licenses, you will be able to install these apps from now.   That's all for now. I hope that you will like our new updates today. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to submit tickets in Client Area. Any feedback to make phpFox better is always welcome.¬†We believe that with your invaluable contribution, phpFox is getting better day by day!