• Customer Community powered by phpFox

    Customer Community powered by phpFox

    So, what is the phpFox Customer Community? Do we really need that? It is just like the question of "Why do I need an email when I already have a phone number?" Nowadays, Social media strategy is a critical part of any marketing strategy. Yet marketers still facing the boring of website content, low interactive in the social, quiet support forum, wrong immediate answer with live chat or stuck support phone line...There come to the online Customer Community. Customer Community infographic [caption id="attachment_6358" align="aligncenter" width="832"] Customer Community powered by the phpFox infographic[/caption] As you can see, Customer Community allows you to follow your customers home! When customers bought your product/service, they get lazy to get back to your website or social channels. It is regardless of your interesting information, it is just because they are busy with something else. They only need to go back when they need support! So are you ready to impress and harness their experience that builds your customer loyalty? Customer Community gathers your clients to meet up with others, discussing in a group and social networking style, they can also express and share their experience with your brand. On this all-in-one, your staff can easily get in to support, your marketers and sales can target the right audiences and expose the power of viral. Then, what does a Customer Community need? Customer Care Center In our latest solution, based on phpFox platform, we provide the Customer Community that comes first with Customer Care center. With Customer Community powered by phpFox, your customers' voices are loudly taking care of easily by your staff. More than that, it is the crowdsource support, they always get fulfilled their inquiries by other members. Or your influencers can do a persuasive one-on-one consultancy. This also helps you reduces customer support via phone effort and or other traditional methods. Your customers are now get cared by a vibrant and social support Social Sales In phpFox Customer Community, your sales and marketing staff have the ability to segment your customers. Enough data to direct sales nicely by the social approach. Which means, every sales marketing program they are offering will be well targeted, feedback and follow up closely and conveniently on your own system. This is truly your differentiation from your competitors, making sales pitch becomes social networking. Brand Social Advocacy It is always hard and costly to get your customers to advocate your brand. With Customer Community by phpFox, your customers now have the quick, fun and easy way to share their love of your brand. That connects with other popular social channels and rival their voices. Moreover, your customers have the incentive to stay interactive through our intensive Gamification program which is really cost effective in your marketing ROI. Bottomline Building your Customer Community is not a nice to have any more because of its wonderful benefits. Thank the advance social tech platform phpFox, it is now easy to build, admin and maintain.   Build your own Customer Community now by visiting the built-in solution powered by phpFox: or email