• phpFox Mobile App version 1.3 Official Release

    phpFox Mobile App version 1.3 Official Release

    How's it going? We are happy to get back to you today and glad to announce that the phpFox Mobile App version 1.3 has been officially released. Before talking more the mobile version 1.3, we would like to share with you some compelling updates about our mobile apps. Since the first release of iOS and Android apps, we are super excited that many clients are interested in using our Premium mobile apps. We have been receiving many requests to start Mobile Build service. Most of them were completed and their mobile apps are now available on Apple Store and Google Play. It's fantastic, isn't it? While working on Mobile Build projects, we are so thankful for many valuable suggestions, positive feedback as well as issue reports. They are a big motivation for us to continuously improve our mobile apps with more features as well as make them more stable. Now, let's take a look at what's new in the mobile version 1.3 phpFox Mobile App version 1.3   In this new mobile app version, on top of many bug fixes to make mobile apps more stable, we supported 3 main improvements / new features below: - Monetization with Google Admob - Performance and UI/UX Improvements - Integration solution for 3rd-party apps   Monetization with Google Admob Integration The mobile app version 1.3 support displaying ads by Google Admob. Mobile Ads can be configured easily in AdminCP. You can have either banner ads displaying on top or bottom or full-page ads (Interstitial, Rewarded type) of specific pages on mobile apps. You will see that many ads settings are supported, such as which location and how often ads display, ads priority, etc. Performance and UI/UX Improvements We always do care about the Performance, design, and user experience on phpFox mobile apps. In the aspect of performance, we improved the loading speed of both app and user content. We also use Lazy loading that the images are only loaded whenever they need to be displayed. These improvements and other native animations added make the phpFox mobile apps work obviously smoother and faster. Integration solution for 3rd-party apps We totally understand that 3rd-party phpFox apps are a very important part of every phpFox site as they help fulfill more functionalities. We have received many questions about how 3rd-party apps could work on phpFox Mobile Apps. In mobile version 1.3, our team has been working really hard to design and implement a mechanism for integration solution. Any 3rd-party experts can merely add necessary APIs to their phpFox apps to make their features work on the phpFox Mobile app. It is amazing, isn't it? The detailed Development Guide has been prepared and will be published on phpFox Developer Documents very soon. How to upgrade phpFox Mobile apps It is necessary to note that the phpFox Mobile app version 1.3 is released along with Mobile API 4.2.0 and RESTful API 4.2.2. Please do not upgrade Mobile API if you are using Premium Mobile apps version older than mobile version 1.3. You can open a Mobile Build ticket in Client Area to request for Mobile upgrade from now. What's next? In the next version of mobile apps, we are going to have the following features: - Push notifications when having new messages - Subscription - Reactions and status with background Have other suggestions? Please don't hesitate to share with us. Wanna get Premium mobile apps You can merely purchase new or upgrade your phpFox license to ULTIMATE license to get Premium mobile apps. With Premium mobile apps, you can build your mobile apps under your branding. In particular, you can have: – Change App Launch Screen, App Icon, Logo, etc. – Change Color Scheme of your mobile app to comply with the web version – Distribute mobile apps to Apple Store and Google Play under your Developer account.