phpFox Services

 Launch Your phpFox Website with Our Packages:


  •    phpFox V4 PRO package license
  •    Server softwares setup

    Including web control panels if required (License is not included). Web control panels included:
  •    phpFox Installation + extended works

       Redis installation for fast cache usage
       Necessary software to run IM Chat
       FFMPEG Extension for self-hosted video
       SSL Configuration if required (SSL cost is not included)
       Cron jobs to run scheduled tasks (root access required)
  •    Initial Configuration

       Replace logo (logo must be provided by the customer), configure site information.
       Brand removal: We will remove all phpFox terms on all site pages.
       Install customer's required apps provided by phpFox
       Install customer's selected theme (customer must pay for the theme cost if any)
       Setup caching
       Setup mail server. Customers must provide SMTP information, or we can help set up using popular email services (Mailgun, SparkPost, SendGrid, etc.)
       Setup anti-spam
       Configure monetizing features: Member subscription, Ads
       Integrate Google Analytics if required
  •    Access to the Documentation Center
  •    Access to phpFox Community Forum
  •    Two months of Ticket Support
  •    One month of Hosting (Medium plan)
  •    Scalable cloud hosting setup
    We will set up separate instances of business logic, database, static content, etc on your cloud hosting account AWS to make the system ready for high-load, large-scale social network.
  •    Design Logo
    3-iteration process:
       Base on the provided information/idea, our designer will create 2-3 variations for the logo first version.
       One variation for the first version is chosen to develop the 2nd version with 2-3 variations.
       One of the variations of 2nd version is chosen to develop the final version.
  •    Custom Design Package

       Design theme based on customer's input.
       Pages to be designed are Landing page, Home page, User profile, one of the app pages (Blogs, Photos, Videos, Forums, Events, ...) depending on what the core app of customer's site is.
       Implement the design and integrate HTML/CSS into a phpFox theme.
       Duration: 3-10 days for design and 1-3 weeks for implementation and testing.
       We provide 20 hours of theme development to implement a part of custom features (not available in default phpFox script) in the design. The remained custom features will be implemented as static HTML components.
       The purpose of this package is to visualize the social network so you can see how it looks like. You then can know what to do next with that very first version.

phpFox Quick-Start

$999One-time fee

phpFox Launch

$2,999One-time fee

Consulting & Development Service

Here at phpFox, we committed to the sustainable growth of Social Networking. Making this into action, we understand the needs of our client who has an idea and plan to implement those into successful Social Network sites. Beside non-stop enhancement of platform, we are offering our elite service of Customization that including:

  • Elite project team, timezone coverage
  • Unique design
  • Fresh off the box plugin/add-on development
  • Overseeing product development
  • Scalability, security and up-to-date

Custom Design Package

With this package, we will help you to design and create a clean, professional, effective theme for your phpFox website. It gives your community a professional online presence that is custom-designed to best fit your need and your budget. Our design experts work closely with you to achieve your goals and bring your idea to life. Your new or redesigned website will have a well-designed layout and functionality.

phpFox Hosting Service

Look no further than our phpFox hosting services. We provide the most reliable server to run your phpFox website. Choose from different packages depending on your project requirement.

phpFox Support Service

Do you have some technical problems, bugs, and unlimited unknown issues? We’ve got you covered with our Support Services. phpFox has a complete infrastructure to provide you the best support needed to resolve all your site problems. If you are running the current stable version of phpFox, please take a time to read the full description of our support policy.

phpFox Optimization for High Load

Maximize your resources through our phpFox Optimization for High Load. Our experts will perform necessary actions on your server through modifying default phpFox product to improve the performance of your site. This way, your site will be able to serve “High Load Social Network” having 1000 concurrent users (~100,000 members), 5,000 concurrent users (~500,000 members), 10,000 concurrent users (1 million members) and even more …