Refund Policy

Product License Refund Policy


– We believe that giving clients the opportunity to fully test our phpFox script on their server or local machine via a 14-day trial version is a far better option than requiring a purchase with a refund term. As such, we do not provide refund for phpFox license purchase unless our staffs cannot install the phpFox script on the client’s servers.


– So please carefully test our software with a trial license before making a purchase. In case you cannot install our social network script on your server, please consult our support via our Client Area.


Recurring Services


– For recurring services such as license subscription or cloud hosting, Clients can request refunds if a subscription term has not been started. For example, a client pre-pays for next phpFox monthly subscription fee and he/she requests a refund before the due date (e.g. end of the current subscription period), then he is eligible for a refund.


– Once a subscription is started, there will be no refund issued.


Installation / Upgrade Service


– If your Installation / Upgrading service has not been used you may request a refund.


– Once an Installation / Upgrading has started (the requested ticket’s status is “In Process“), there is no refund will be issued.


Support Service


– Support service is not refundable in any circumstances.