Social network community is the place to make friends and share the same flavors with each other. Therefore, "friends" is one of the most important features on which we focus on. phpFox provides a convenient way for your users to access their friends' list from anywhere on the site. They will find it easy to find their friends as we provide a powerful search tool that picks up on their friend's name. Users can also list their friends that start with a particular letter of the alphabet.

Relationship status

Your users can assign a relationship status they have with another member of the site. Admins can control what statuses users can choose from directly from the AdminCP. We provide statuses from Married, Engaged to Single and much more.


Keep track of request

Your users can keep track of all the friends' requests they have sent out as well as all the friends' requests coming in.


Send e-gifts to friends

Your users can send out e-gifts to their friends while going to their profiles.

Friends lists

Each of your users can create their own list to group their friends in and organize all of their friendships. The friends' lists can also be displayed directly on their profiles.


Birthday notifications

Your users can keep track of their friend's birthdays by visiting the dashboard as we notify users when their friend's birthdays are coming up.


Mutual friends

When viewing a users profile we list all the friends they both have in common.

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