Functionalities that significantly enhance the operations and

user experience of an Ecommerce

Buy or Sell Products

Enable yourselves or community members to list and sell products in a variety of different categories

Marketplace Permissions

Manage which who can list products , listing approvals, listing expiry, & category management

Payment & e-Wallet

Multiple payment options and an e-wallet streamlines the checkout process and enhances user convenience.

Why Choose phpFox Ecommerce?

With phpFox eCommerce, you can transform your community into a thriving marketplace, offering your members a convenient and secure platform to buy and sell products, services, or digital goods. 

Whether you’re running a niche social network, an online community for enthusiasts, or a marketplace for local businesses, phpFox eCommerce has everything you need to take your platform to the next level.

phpFox Ecommerce is available in our web and mobile apps for both Android & iOS apps. 


Feature-rich Marketplace

  • Feature a product in the marketplace
  • Enable sponsored listing and sponsored feed
  • Add title, short and long descriptions, files & photos
  • Add product category, tags and location

Seamless Checkout

  • Multiple Payement Gateways
  • e-Wallet for faster transactions & credits
  • Activity points for purchases & rewards for repeated purchases
  • Listing in multiple currencies

Buy or Sell Products

Discover a world of possibilities with phpFox e-commerce, where buying and selling are made effortless.

  • Effortlessly add and organize listings with categories and tags, ensuring easy navigation for buyers

Maximize your sales potential by featuring your products in the marketplace. 

  • Feature a Product or Sponsor listings to expand reach and boost sales with increased visibility

Marketplace Permissions

Empower your community with our default features allowing you to customize user access and listing capabilities effortlessly.

  • Control marketplace access and listing permissions with usergroups

Take monetization to the next level with subscription tiers.

  • Control marketplace access and listing permissions with usergroups, ensuring a personalized user experience
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Payment & e-Wallet

Experience seamless transactions with phpFox e-commerce’s diverse payment options and e-wallet integration.

  • Our platform supports major payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and others from third-party service providers

Embrace the game-changing potential of e-wallets to elevate your online marketplace and deliver a seamless and efficient payment experience

  • E-wallet integration streamlines checkout for hassle-free transactions, letting users manage funds and make purchases effortlessly

Mobile Marketplace Experience

Native Android & iOS Apps

Experience unparalleled convenience with the phpFox Mobile App, setting us apart from competitors lacking a mobile presence. Our native app offers seamless browsing, buying, and selling on-the-go. With access to all phpFox e-commerce features at your fingertips, enjoy a user-friendly, reliable, and fast e-commerce experience.

  • From listings to payments, multicurrency options, and e-wallets, our app streamlines every aspect of e-commerce
  • Whether buyer or seller, our mobile app ensures a seamless e-commerce experience anywhere, anytime

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Applications of phpFox Ecommerce

Digital Product Platforms

Launch a platform for selling digital products, such as e-books, courses, or software, within your community. Members can monetize their expertise by creating and selling digital content, while buyers benefit from a centralized marketplace for accessing valuable resources.

Merchandise Stores

Launch custom merchandise stores within your community, allowing members to design, sell, and purchase branded merchandise, such as apparel, accessories, or collectibles. phpFox eCommerce supports customizable storefronts and product listings, empowering community members to showcase their creativity and monetize their brand.

Community Marketplace

Create a vibrant online marketplace catering to a specific niche community, such as artists, photographers, or craft enthusiasts. Members can showcase and sell their creations directly within the community, fostering a supportive environment for buying, selling, and networking.

Business Directories

Build a comprehensive directory of local businesses within your community, allowing members to discover and support nearby shops, restaurants, and service providers. phpFox eCommerce enables seamless transactions, empowering local businesses to reach and engage with their target audience.

And more, tell us how you wish to use phpFox Ecommerce.​

Ready to Get Started?

 Whether you're trying to monetize your platform, foster community engagement, or enhance user experience, phpFox Ecommerce is the ultimate solution for your ecommerce needs.