phpFox Features


Advertising is very important part of any website. It helps to draw the attention of your users to a specific item. The Better Ads not only includes almost all features of our Basic Ads but also have many enhancements in order to give the best tool for ads.


Create Ads

Ads can be created as banner ads or HTML block with text and image. The ad's owner can select to put ads on the top block or left / right blocks as well as define the target audiences for their ads. You can define which type of ad your users can create: pay per cost or pay per impression.


Control Ads

As an admin, you have the ability to control ads at AdminCP such as: manage all ads, review ads before approve them, create package and placement for ads, define the price for each type of ads, configure many settings for each user group.


We also support the report for ads within a specific period: day, week, month, etc. You can even export the report as you need.



We provide the payment feature for ads so that your users can make payment via PayPal while publishing ads.



Almost all items of basic phpFox can be sponsored, from Photo, Blog to Event and more