Ad Campaigns

You can monetize your social network with our advanced ad campaigns. The ads can be targeted to audiences base on their location, gender, and even their age group.

Manage Placements

You can add new placement to define the cost per click or cost per mile and manage all of them.

Control over the Audience

For each ad campaign, you can control who can view it and we give you the option to control what...

  •    - user groups
  •    - location (country)
  •    - gender
  •    - age group

can view it.

User Based Ads

Your users can easily create ads using our advanced ad designer and you get full control how much ads cost.

Start & End Date

You can specify when an ad campaign starts and ends. You can also set the ad campaign to never end.

Sponsor Items

If your users have an image, or maybe a marketplace listing, that they want to be sure all your members see, they can sponsor items on your site. You have full control how much it costs to sponsor an item. As this is controlled via user groups, you can set different pricing for each user group or even have some allowed to sponsor items free of charge.

HTML & Image Ads

For each of your ad campaigns, you can either upload an image or add HTML code, which can include JavaScript.

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