phpFox Native Mobile Apps

As an ultimate solution, our phpFox Native Mobile Apps can boost to amplify users’ awareness of your community. Enhancing connectivity with instant access, phpFox Native Mobile Apps will surely return a higher conversion rate and cost-efficient values to your Social Network. With nearly 40% of smartphone owners say they frequently use social apps daily, it’s no surprise that social apps dominate smartphone users’ time. It’s plain to see your Social Network needs a mobile app as a comprehensive source of online content and harnessing users’ desire for social connection anytime, anywhere.

The phpFox Native Mobile Apps are ONLY available for phpFox V4 Pro+ (Free Mobile version), and phpFox V4 Ultimate (White-label Mobile version).

The Free Mobile version

You can use "default" phpFox mobile apps on Apple Store and Google Play. The phpFox branding and copyright can't be removed. However, you can configure to display your site logo inside mobile apps (after logging in). For detailed guidance to use the Free Mobile version, please refer to this article.

The Premium Mobile version

In this version, we will build your mobile apps with your branding and distribute to Apple Store and Google Play under your Developer accounts. On top of all phpFox branding and copyright will be removed, you can have:

- Change App Splash Screen

- Change Color Scheme of mobile app
- Code for XCode and Android Studio in order to build mobile apps by yourself
You can refer to our Premium Mobile Build Process for more info.

Frequent Questions

If we have V4 Pro license, can we use Free Mobile Version?

We are offering Free Mobile App version to clients who holding V4 Pro license until Dec 31st, 2018 (PST). You can submit tickets in Client Area to request for Free Mobile App version in this case.

If using Premium White-label mobile version, how can we upgrade the phpFox mobile app in the future?

You can always download the latest code of mobile app and build your phpFox Mobile Apps by yourself. Otherwise, you can either order our Mobile Upgrade Service or have 3rd-party experts on phpFox Store upgrade your mobile apps.

Will we have to pay any extra fee in future to continue using phpFox Native Mobile App?

Yes, you need to pay the annual upgrade fee to get the latest updates of our Script and mobile app.

Do we have any technical documentation for customization on mobile apps?

We only provide basic guides to update Launch Screen, Logo, app name while building mobile apps with given mobile code. We don’t provide advanced technical documentation to implement more features/customization on phpFox mobile apps. Instead, we are going to have a list of our preferred developers who are qualified to provide services on our mobile apps. You can contact these developers for customization help on mobile apps if needed.

Do phpFox Native Mobile Apps support full features as the phpFox website?

The phpFox Native Mobile apps support almost default features of website version, not include 3rd-party apps. Certainly, we keep upgrading the mobile apps to support full features.

Can we have customizations on phpFox Native Mobile App?

We are going to have a list of our preferred developers who are qualified to provide customization services on our mobile apps. You can contact these developers for customization help on mobile apps if needed.

Do phpFox Native Mobile Apps support products of 3rd-party developers on phpFox Store?

We are going to provide the solution for 3rd-party developers to integrate their products into our Native Mobile Apps. The 3rd-party product vendor can have exact answers if their products have been integrated to phpFox Native Mobile Apps or not. You should ask app vendors about this integration first.

What can we do with the Code for XCode and Android Studio?

The bundled mobile code is delivered along with Ultimate license. You can set up the bundled code to build mobile apps on XCode and Android Studio by yourself. You can change Launch Screen, App Logo, App Name, versions. It is necessary to note that the bundled mobile code can’t be used for development or customization.

Have other questions? Please feel free to send your questions to email hello@phpfox.com