Communication is one of the most important factors to gain your users stay on your community longer. Have you ever wanted to talk with the World? Then your users might also want to. That's why we add the ShoutBox application, a small chat box provides a chat-like feature that allows site members to quickly communicate with all your community's members. phpFox ShoutBox, in the simplest form, is lists of short messages, possibly with information about their authors.

Shoutbox Placements

Display Shoutbox block in Homepage, Page Detail page and Group Detail page. These blocks are located in block 3 by default, but admin can move them to any blocks.


Site Admin Control

Site admin can enable/disable Shoutbox block, control who can add new messages to Shoutbox, control who can view Shoutbox block.


Page/Group Admin Control

Admin of Page/Group can control who can add new messages to Shoutbox on their Pages/Groups, control who can view Shoutbox block on their Pages/Groups.

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