Private Message

Communication is a core feature of online social networks, so the more tools for user engagement, the more possibility that your users will return. phpFox has Private Message as a core feature which allows your users to send a message to other members privately. Taking privacy into consideration, the phpFox community admin can decide whether users can send a personal message to any member or just their friends.

Easily Find Friends

Your users can easily find their friends by using our advanced search tool when they are composing a new message. Includes support to send a message to multiple users.


Captcha Support

Admins can enable the "Captcha" routine if they want a specific user group to verify they are not a bot. This option is disabled by default but is enabled for those that are considered to be "spamming".


Attachment Support

Your users can attach virtually anything (Admin controls what is allowed) to their messages to share with their friends.


Photo and Emoji support

Your users can insert photos or emoji to mail body.

New Message Notifications

When your users receive new messages, the notification system will notify them directly at the top notification bar.


Manage messages

Your users have fully control on the inbox messages and sent messages in their mailboxes.


Multiple recipients

Messages can be sent to multiple recipients.


Quick message

phpFox allows your users to send a quick message without going to the mail app. By this way, your users can send a message to recipients at everywhere on your site.

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