Polls are not only the method for merchants gathering valuable information from consumers, but also a popular way for online people to collect feedbacks about various things. Polls help increase user interaction within a social network, and as well help poll creators quickly gather and summarize others' opinions.

With phpFox Polls feature, your members can create and decide whether the poll is available for the entire community or just be visible for a set of their selected friends.

Multiple Answers

Users can control how many answers each of their polls can have. They can also drag & drop each question to order them the way they want it to show up when other users answer their poll.


Randomize Answers

Your users can order answers for their polls, however, if they want to randomize the answers each time a person views the poll they can enable this option on a per poll basis.


Privacy Control

Users can control who can view and comment on their polls. Learn more about privacy control here.


Include Photos with Polls

For each poll that is created your users can attach an image.


View Results

Once a user has voted on a poll they can view the results of the poll, which includes a list of who cast a vote.


Likes & Comments

We keep your users active by giving them the ability to easily Like or comment on a poll.


Approval system

Admin can enable our approval system where, if enabled, users will have their polls viewed by a site moderator before it can be viewed publicly. The moderators can then decide to either approve or deny the poll.


Design your Poll

Your users can design each of their polls using our advanced design tool that provides a color picker, which has an array of colors.


Report a Poll

Polls can be reported to the Admins by the community to help prevent SPAM and/or remove inappropriate material that is considered to breach the terms & conditions of the site.

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