Similar to the concept of Facebook Pages, phpFox Pages are the places where your users can promote their businesses, brands, organizations as well as their public figures to other people.


Activity Feed

Like a user profile, page has its own activity feed so that all users can post their statuses. The statuses can enclose with links, photos or videos. Users also like, comment on the statuses.
Page Activity Feeds

Integrate with Other Apps

A page can be integrated with other apps including 3rd-party apps. By this way, a page can have its own photos, videos, music and more.
Pages Integration

Manage Page

Page is designed for the owner to manage not only their information as Page Name, which is the Landing Page but also all configuration for their pages:


Owners can select the avatar for their pages. They can select the cover photos and re-position them as well.


Control who can view or share items on their pages. Items could be video, photo, widget, music, blog, discussion and even items added by apps from 3rd parties

Page - Permission
Page - Invite


Owners can search friends and invite them into pages

Vanity URL

Each page can have a unique vanity URL on your site giving a more personal "profile" feel.

Multiple Admins

Sometimes, owners do not have enough time to control their pages and need someone to help them. In this case, we allow owners to add their friends to be admin of pages.


To enrich the pages, we provide a tool for owners to add as many widgets as they want to introduce more about their pages.


Owners can control and allow who can follow their pages.

Page - Manage Info
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