Users want to have an app where they can inform their plans, update and engage the participants of their events. Understand this need, phpFox provides you an Event app to manage all events created by your users. As a community administrator, you have full control on this app such as approve events, configure the permission of event creation, editing, deletion on each user group and more.

Manage Events

You can manage all events created by your users. You can edit full information of events as well as approve or feature or even delete them.


Approval System

You can enable our approval system where, if enabled, users will have their events viewed by a site moderator before it can be viewed publicly. The moderators can then decide to either approve or deny the event.


Quick & Easy

We provide a block on your user's dashboard so they can create an event at any time within seconds.


Report an Event

Events can be reported to the Admins by the community to help prevent SPAM and/or remove inappropriate material that is considered to breach the terms & conditions of the site.


Invite Friends

We allow your users to invite their friends to join the event by using our powerful guest list manager or by sending out emails.


Mass Email

We understand that keeping users up-to-date with an event is crucial and those that host events can mass email all of their guests directly from their event manager.


Likes, Comments & Shares

We keep your users active by giving them the ability to easily Like or comment on an event.

Activity Feed

Each event includes its very own activity feed. Learn more here.


Search Filter

By using our search filter your users can easily find the events they are looking for.



Potential guests to an event can RSVP one of the following options:
- Attending
- Maybe Attending
- Not Attending


Join Events

We provide some options for your users to express their willingness to join events or not. They can be attending, maybe attending or not attending.


Post status

We keep your users active by giving them the ability to easily post their statuses into the events.


Start & End Times

Your users can define the exact time their event will start and end.


Privacy Control

Users can control who can view and comment on their event. Learn more about privacy control here.


Custom Categories

You can create as many categories as you want and edit the categories for events.