Backup and Restore

When running any system, we should always care about how the system can recover from a disaster. It seems like that we read about a high profile website is crashed / hacked every day. So, we should always have a solid plan of backup and restore so that we do not lose anything in a rainy day.

At phpFox, we support the backup and restore as a built-in feature of the platform. You can easily create a full backup of your community, or just choose several files to be backed up, and then distribute to other servers / services. In the future, you can restore the site from a backup if something goes wrong. Everything is quite simple with Backup and Restore application.

  •    - Admin can choose what they want to backup:
    •       + Database
    •       + Source code
    •       + Users files
  •    - Admin can select all or some specific tables when they backup database.
  •    - Support 3 places to store the backup packages:
    •       + Local Server
    •       + Amazon S3
    •       + Dropbox
  •    - Support manual backup and schedule backup.
  •    - Notify to admin via email after backup successfully.
  •    - Admin can manage backup packages: view info, download, remove, restore.
  •    - The site will be put into maintenance mode while the backup is in the process.

Restore features

  •    - Admin can restore with backup packages from:
    •       + Local Server
    •       + Amazon S3
    •       + Dropbox
    •       + Upload package
  •    - Notify to admin via email after restore successfully.
  •    - The site will be put into maintenance mode while processing.
  •    - Support safe mode to restore (in case the site is broken).
Backup and Restore
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