Account Privacy

We know that you care much about your user privacy, so we design the platform so that user can fully control how and which information is appeared to others. We have grouped all the important privacy and account settings in a convenient location so your users can easily control these settings at any time with ease. The Account Privacy section includes many settings for your users to control how other users or guests interact with them via their profile. Your users can even prevent the messages sent to them from other users on your website.

Profile Privacy

Users can customize how other users or guests interact with them via their profile.


Control your default privacy for items you add on the site. Learn more about privacy control here.


Users can control what email notifications are sent out to them. We send out emails to your users based on any activity related to items they add or are subscribed to.

Account Settings

It's very easy for your users to update their account information on the site. Admin can configure which information the users can edit.

Blocking Users

We give the ability for your users to block other users on the site. They can manage these users from their "Privacy Settings" page and remove them at any time.

Admin Control

As an admin, you can configure to allow who could control privacy setting on their own profile.

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