Activity Feeds

Activity feeds are the stream of stories made by your users in your social community. Your users can easily catch up what is going on with their social connections with this awesome feature. Activity feeds, by default, can be found on a user's dashboard and their own profile.

Additionally, Pages, Groups, and Events have their own activity feed. This allows 3rd party developers to easily integrate their product with our activity feed.

Quick Share

By default, we provide the ability for your users to share a status update, photos, links, polls, blogs, songs and videos direct from the activity feed.


Auto Load

We automatically load more feeds for your users without having them click on a link to view more feeds. You can control directly from the AdminCP how many times we should auto load feeds for your users.


Like or Unlike Feeds

Certain feeds can be liked or unliked based on the settings of the Admins. Once a feed is liked the owner of that feed will be notified so they can keep track of who likes their posts.


Privacy Control

Similar to when adding items to the site you can control the privacy of your activity feed entry. Learn more about privacy control here.

Commenting on Feeds

On each activity feed your members can comment and discuss what they liked about the item on the spot.


Share on Facebook/Twitter

You can easily share your posts on Facebook and Twitter. You only need to connect to their site once and after that, it's just a click away.


Public or Friends Feeds

Admins can decide if the activity added to the live feeds is for everyone to see or just for the person and their friends.


Sort Feeds

Besides, your users have the ability to sort all feeds by top stories or most recent.



To highlight some favorite topics and tag friends while posting feed. To control who can see the feed, privacy can be set.

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